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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Well...I am back

Peace. So I came back a little earlier then planned. It's all peace. Still on mental focus and functionality. I realize, as I usually do, that writing is a part of my thing so it should be part of any of my disciplines whether artistic, social activism, or business. I keeps things in motion. So as I settle back into the captain's (what's the meaning of C-A-P-T-A-I-N)chair let me get you caught up to speed.

*Today is the last day of my Master Cleanser Fast. Rocked it for 21 days. Feeling lovely. God is love (He's also a man of war yet that is another story). Act like you know. Congrats to the others who rocked the 10 day portion of the detox. Some for the first time. Some hilarious the 3 in the am calls or the first reactions to the salt water flush. The sungazing is off the hook. Due to my new work schedule I've been rocking it at sunset. Incredible. Danced hardcore like 3 times during the fast and still came out on top. Finally someone asked me about weight loss. I only drop like 2 or 3 pounds cause my body is already at its ideal weight. My metabolism adjusts itself to compensate.

*Yesterday I officially started my huge Afrofuturistic Poetry Project. Damn. It's going to be HUGE. I already have like 3 people signed on to the multimedia event. It's coming in the end of 2009.

*This week and going into next week some of the topics that I'll hit you with are how to recycle/reuse stuff (on that get rid of plastic kick), how I've been transforming my living environment to make it more green gangsta fresh, some of my drinks i like (from green drinks to Aztec hot chocolate), the cherry blossom celebration (those who are in tune with haiku and samurai know why I bring it up), and other stuff that I find worthy of my attention.

And you know I'm international so here is another worldwide vegetarian site from India.



SupremeUltimate said...

Glad to have you back Black man. I am going to venture on to the Master Cleanse for the first time beginning this 7th day up coming. Going to shoot for 10 days, I may extend it should I feel the strength. Once you break the fast whats the first thing you will eat?

C'BS ALife Allah said...

Ease in and ease out. Try to cut out all meat/fish if you still indulge like 2 days before and if you can eat raw the 2 days before rock it. The first day after you eat nothing. YOu just take in organge juice. THat next day after then rock some easy vegetable broth. Much success. Hit me up if anything comes up during your fast.

Ensayn1 said...

Respect, thanks i will do that

Anonymous said...

What a cute hair picture!