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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Micro blogging: Check 'em out

The Purple Yamster dropping Far East wholistic ear cleaning practices.

My homeslice Cy dropping the Equinox/Fall issue of Concourses to Radiant Health.

June Roca

I give a green thumbs up to June Roca over at Raw Food and Oneness as All Life. Another Original woman dropping it. Her videos are ill because they give up alot of secrets on raw preparations for food (I may have found the elusive way to prepare raw tortillas here) plus she always is introducing some 'exotic' food that indigenous people have known about always (cause 'exotic' just means that the west ain't know about it). Check her out.

Monday, September 29, 2008 High Fructose Corn Syrup

My home girl Phylis hipped me to the new propaganda commercials out there on television. I was like..are you serious. Reminded me of those old cigarette commercials that use to be broadcasted in the 50's.

So before my book signing we stopped by Catch a Healthy Habit, a raw cafe in West Haven and we decided to put our spin on things.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Drop chickpeas

A couple of shorts of me in the kitchen kicking hummus-listics

Hummus I - me

hummus II -

How it looks at the end

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Black to Nature Dictionary

So check it. There are words out there that I use that people may not be familiar with. I am also creating new words cause I do stuff like that. I thought that I'd start my own online dictionary (blacketh to natureth 'no won test the rocket launcher). So I'll be droppng Black (Law's) to Nature Dictionary and updates every so often. So I'll repost the last version and just keep adding words. Here's the beginning





Monday, September 22, 2008


Pretty much I'm blissed out right now on Shou Wu Chih and Kombucha. You don't even know.

7 Warriors

The traditional Mexica diet is rooted in 7 plant foods. This article below (and some ill fresh links, take the time to read on them) dropsit. It once again affirms that indigenous cultures have within them the elements to generate a plant-centric diet. You don't have to go to a Dead concert. Originally from

Our ancestors were able to create the most efficient diet in the world. The Europeans have labeled our 3 most important crops: "The Dietary Triad" which is comprised of corn, beans and squash. The vitamins and minerals contained in these three crops is adequate to sustain the human body and requires only the addition of vitamin c to create a perfect balance in the body. It is due to the diffusion of these main crops that the worlds population has exploded. The "Dietary Triad" is a tremendous feat which has been unmatched by any in the world. Unlike the Europeans and other peoples, our ancestors had no need to domesticate animals as we had enough with our crops. This is the reason our people had almost no diseases when the Europeans invaded and this is why the Europeans had hundreds of diseases which spread quickly amongst our healthy population and decimated the entire continent of Anahuak. Animals are filthy and harbor many diseases which over the years, mutated and attacked the people of the "Old World". It is not to say that we did not domesticate animals because we did; but not for the sole pupose of consumption. In the entire continent of Anahuak, only two animals were ever domesticated: the dog and the turkey. We domesticated the dog and turkey as pets although some people ate them as a delicassy. It is important to realize that the dog and turkey were by no means necessary in our diet.

The "Dietary Triad" was and still is the most important part of our diet as many foods which were eaten by our ancestors are still eaten today (tortillas, pozole, atole, mole, gum which was used to clean the teeth, tamales etc.. etc..) The reason why a lot of Mexicans are overweight and unhealthy today is because we now also eat the animal meat brought by the Spaniards. Whats the problem with this? Well, we get the adequate amount of protein our body needs when we eat beans. If you add beef or chicken, you will be putting too much protein into your body and you will therefore gain weight. Never underestimate the value of your diet! You should always try to stick to our native foods as they are the most effecient in the world.

The three main crops are supplemented with four others which all together we call the Chikome Yaomeh (the 7 warriors). These crops are supplements to the three main crops and they provide the remaining nutrients and amino acids our bodies need.

Chile (Vitamin C)
Amaranth (Amaranto in Spanish is a seed which we used to make a flour like substance. When the Spaniards invaded, they oulawed its use and today it is mostly found in Mexican candy. The leaves of the plant were also used in soups.)

The road back to the indigenous way of living is a long one and each step is equally important as the next; we should strive to maintain a balance in spirit, mind and body.

Diet, Nutrition, and Population Dynamics in the Basin of Mexico
Amaranth Making a Comeback
Cultivated Plants and Cultural Diffusion in Nuclear America
Identity of Archaeologocical Amaranths From the Valley of Tehuacan
Aztec-Period Agricultural Terraces: Evidence For Household-Level Agricultural Intensification
Growth of Agriculture in Mexico
Amaranth: Their History and Classification
Prehistoric Raised-Field Agriculture in the Maya Lowlands
Landscapes of Cultivation in Mesoamerica on the Eve of the Conquest
Mexica Agriculture and Mexica Cosmology
Aztec Patterns and Spanish Legacy (Nutrition Past, Nutrition Today)
Coca Cola is Killing You
The Health Benefits of Native Foods

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Micro blogging: Original Youth creates solar cell innovation

Get the full story . And by the way, he's 12 years old.

Floating Cities

With old hurricane Ike and shadows of Katrina still haunting New Orleans it may be time to really think outside of the box or rather as indigenous people world wide did. One of the things that Europeans mess up with when they colonize other countries is that they seek to just bring their whole 'life style' to the new land. They have no concept of the eco-system. This leads to things like pilgrims starving and stuff. One of these elements that they bring is their architecture. The problem with that is that many times it isn't suited to the environment of the new land. Thus, as you move across the united states we are highly backwards in that we haven't made an overall jump in functional architecture. Forget the in the southwest should've BEEN solar powered. Homes in the SE/NE should've BEEN recycling rainwater as grey water. Circular homes, different building materials, etc. We're still stuck on Europe. How about figuring out why floating villages in the South Pacific survived a HURRICANE vs those land locked. How the heck did the Native Nations survive winters WITHOUT oil. All of these things should be examined and flung into our future.

Many communities on the Pacific Rim have already solved ways to deal with hurricanes and onland flooding from floating cities to houses that are built on strong stilts or that RISE with flood waters.

With all of the above being said building a wall against the ocean in the Southern States ain't doing it so we need to get ill with it. Check out some of these ideas.

With fears of artic melting and flooding taking place on more frequent basis some people are thinking into the future. Floating houses have been around for a while but just recently has there been a lot of development in foundation technology that will float whole city blocks. You can only image the possibilities.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Watch a Classic

Monday, September 15, 2008

Gold Digging

My great grandfather on my Old Earth's (to the uninitiated that's my mom) side is Navajo. I remember always wondering where my mother learned her silver and turquoise jewelry making skills. When we traveled to Arizona she took us to a reservation to meet some of our extended family. I remember that it wasn't like out of television or the history books. Firewater use was rampant. I grew despondent. We are supposed to preserve the best part of the planet for ourselves and here were a people whose pure part was turned poor.

It is important to realize that anywhere that European colonialism, slavery, and imperialism traveled that the destruction of the environment of Indigenous people soon followed. We call this Eco-Imperialism. Biblically this was condoned. During the Israelites taking of Canaan they were 'instructed' to not just 'take the land' they were supposed to 'kill all of the dogs, burn the plant life down to the ground, etc'. Now see how this translates into 'Manifest Destiny' and ultimately the raping of the planet for resources by the post-industrial European Nations. Let's just examine one point in time...the Gold Rush.

You've seen the old flicks and reels. During the middle 1800's the rumor that there was gold “out there in 'dem hill” (the West) was the main driving force of the Westward migration especially after the Civil War. It is easy to conceive of the displacement of the Indigenous People from their land and the killing of Indigenous People yet what is often overlooked or not even thought about is the destruction to the land that came in the wake of the Gold Rush. Remember this was happening at the end of the Industrial Revolution where specific technologies were being developed and abused that aimed at raping the earth (and yeah...the rape analogy SHOULD be on front street).

Mercury Poisoning
Now Mercury (not the damn planet...the liquid metal) was used to extract gold from the mines.

A swirling torrent of murky brown waters burst through the dams and levees in the Sierra Nevada foothills flooding the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers in the first weekend of 1997, forcing over 100,000 people to evacuate their homes.
The following Tuesday a United States Geological Survey (USGS) employee took a boat into the Sacramento River at Freeport, a small town downstream from Sacramento, rinsed out a Teflon container three times and then filled it with local water.

The results were startling. On a typical dry season day, previous samples had shown that an average of seven ounces of mercury were washed into the river at Freeport, but on that day the samples indicated that over 70 pounds of mercury, some 160 times greater than the dry season average, had been washed into the river down into the San Francisco Bay Area.

The spread of mercury is one of the least understood and most toxic legacies of the Gold Rush. One gram of mercury poured into eighty million liters of water would be cause for concern under federal human health standards for drinking water, enough to contaminate a typical mid-western lake. Used to dissolve gold out of the ore, mercury is a deadly toxin that affects the kidney, the brain and the nervous system.

Hydraulic Mining
They developed means of sending high powered streams of water into the side of mountains and rivers to expose tiny flakes of gold. This devastated the environment.

At stake was the practice of "hydraulic mining" - a process by which enormous jets of water were blasted under high pressure at mountain sides and river banks to pulverize them in the search of a few flakes of gold - causing vast quantities of sediment to bury houses, orchards and wheat fields downstream. In 1880 alone some 40,000 acres of farmland and orchards were destroyed while another 270,000 were severely damaged. All told some 12 billion tones of earth were blasted out of the hills and washed into local rivers.

Within a few years the impact was felt downstream. "Out of the streaming Sierra Nevada came a gigantic mud flow. The tailings dumped into the mountain canyons in the fifties had made their first invasion of the flatlands, and an anguished cry came from the valley as brown waters swept over unprotected farms and towns," wrote Kelley.
The mining debris that resulted from this "hydraulicking" choked the once clear mountain streams. The Sacramento River swelled into a turbid sea some 50 miles wide. All told hydraulicking dumped soil of a volume equal to eight times the volume of earth dug to create the Panama Canal.
Acid Rivers

Tucked away in the Klamath Mountains in California's far north, a 70-story pile of crushed rock leaks garish orange-and-green water into a tributary of the headwaters of the Sacramento River, nine miles north of Redding in Shasta county. The water here has been measured at "-3" that is 10,000 times more acidic than battery acid. This is Iron Mountain, a 4,400-acre site, which produces a quarter of all toxic zinc and copper released each year into United States waters from all sources, including all factories and cities. It is expected to leak for 3,000 years.

Like thousands of other abandoned mines in the West, the waste rock dumped around the site has a high sulfur content. Normally hidden deep under ground, this ore waste leaks sulfuric acid when it is exposed to air, bacteria and water. The acid dissolves other metals from arsenic to zinc, all of which are toxic to fish and human beings, and discharges it into local water sources. Today these sites have become "perpetual pollution machines" that are physically impossible to completely clean up with any technology.

New Gold Rush

Today the land and the waters that are sacred to Native communities continue to be threatened. In the 1960s Newmont Gold of Colorado developed cyanide leach technology, in partnership with the United States Bureau of Mines, in the Nevada deserts a few hours from the California border. This technology allows the industry to extract gold flakes that are too small to be spotted by the naked eye and has triggered a new Gold Rush that has spread across the planet to crush entire mountains in the effort to squeeze the last drop of gold out of the land.

What the L can I do?
Solution orientated media baby. That's what Original Thought is all about so here are some things that you can do.

*The Past is the Present
Be aware of the pattern that manifested in the past. When Europeans go into any country they mess it up. It's the simple. They destroy the people and environment. In stealing (yes I said stealing) a country's resources they will eventually destroy the environment. Keep your eyes on Iraq. Even if the United States didn't go there because of oil (yeah right) they are definitely working to take control of that oil and I BET you that HOW they are doing it is going to cause even more destruction to the environment.

*Environmental Racism deserves Environmental Justice

Get edumacated. Learn about the above and see where you can link up with Environmental Justice groups in your area.

Talk to the survivors of said disasters. See what they have to say about their situation. Trust me, when you talk to them you will start to see some of the cracks exposing environmental racism in your own hood. In the end the rich are stealing from the poor because the 'poor' are rich in resources (then those muthajumpas have the nerve to sell stuff back to the poor). We are one people Original People. Let's act like it.

*Check out this ill site
Gold, Greed and Genocide (by the way its where all of the quotes are from) which is dropping this from the Indigenous perspective. Then watch the ill video at Culture of Rage

Friday, September 12, 2008

I gets chubby

Yes. Get your laugh on with the below video yet take away this one fact. Though it may seem just to focus on obesity I have to point out that just cause you're 'slim' don't mean you're healthy either. I know a whole bunch of slim folks who be afflicted with dietary inflicted diseases and maladies. What is KEY about this video is that the diet of obese folks that is mocked in this video is the EXACT SAME DIET that I find amongst my peers who are just eating the wrong foods. Due to several factors they just don't get obese yet they are still damaging thta body.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Green Prisons?

Peace. At first I was like...privatized jails finding another use to employ their neo-slavery tactics again. Then the more I read the more it seemed like a good idea. Not only is the below idea focused on making some dough there is a profit sharing for the prisoners so that they will have some dough once they get out. Substainable doesn't just mean with the environment. Humans are part of the environment. If you have a society that is set up so that people are being locked away and being a drain on the finances of the society without a way to give back and/or be rehibilitated then that stuff ain't working. The only issue that I see is who is going to implement this? The private prisons want to make all of that dough for theirselves. That's why they don't need to be private! I'm liking the idea though and possibly even as an independent business it can be utilized..hmmm..

Green Prison- Could Prisoners Clean Up Landfills?
My friend John Polnik surfaced this idea during a long car ride we took together the other day. I don't pretend to know if it's workable, but it's intriguing.

"Remember when you realized as a kid that you could collect old aluminum Coors light cans and trade them in for cold hard Star Wars toy buying cash? We learned that clearly there is a market for recyclable material.

Well how about all those landfills across our beautiful country? They're just towering monuments of waste leaching toxins into the ground water and turning the ground into a shade of green we'd rather not see. They need to be cleaned up, right?

On average, what percentage of the material in any given American landfill is recyclable? Under the millions of tons of disposable Huggies, how many pounds of copper wire from old eight track stereos and glass Coca Cola bottles thrown away during the Reagan administration are there to be mined? Well, I'm too lazy to do a googlenet search on the interweb machine to find out, but I'd be willing to bet that it's a lot.

However, it's not enough to make it economically viable for a private entity to hire workers to sift through that mess. I mean, could you imagine the labor cost alone? How much would someone have to pay you to wallow knee deep in old Kleenexes and rotting Chinese take-out? The value of all the collected recyclable material wouldn't be enough to pay any workers (documented or otherwise) to do it.

Where could you possibly find a labor force in America that would be willing to do such an unpleasant but necessary job at a cost that wouldn't break us all?

I did do a world wide Yahoo machine search and found that there are more than two million people currently incarcerated in American prisons, and it's costing us all a lot of tax payer green to keep them there.

Now, don't get carried away. I'm not going to suggest that prisoners be forced as slaves to do this job, but how about the idea of a Green Prison? You set up a temporary facility at a landfill, secure the site, and get people to work mining the "good" dirt. The value of that mined material is then sold and used to pay for everything the Green Prison needs. When all the recyclable material has been removed, and the area is cleaned up in the process, the Green Prison packs up and moves to the next landfill.

It could be like popular work farm prisons that allow low risk detainees to earn a small wage so that when they're released, they actually have some means to support themselves until they can get on their feet. The only difference with the Green Prison is that prisoners aren't competing with private farmers and businesses that have to pay market wages to their employees. A Green Prison competes with no one, takes no jobs away from anyone, costs taxpayers nothing, and cleans up the planet.

The practice of prisoners working for the good of society is already widely accepted. Think about the courageous stump jumpers that help fight terrible forest fires or the prisoners that help during disasters to lay sandbags in floods? Well is there a bigger disaster than the mess we've made with overfilling landfills? The idea of Green Prisons represents an opportunity for prisoners to redeem themselves, and for us as a society to really do something about the waste we produce."

I jacked the above from

Also check out the fact that Alcatraz is going Green

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

DIY: Sinking fixin'

DIY time. Part of Black to Nature is dealing with being as self sufficient as possible so that you keep growing and developing (and don't end up in debt to the same people that put you in slavery, rocked genocide, imported colonialism, etc..ya get what i mean).

My father is a jack of all trades and that's how he use to bring in the bread. He passed down those skills to me and I can rock pretty much everything from carpentry, to laying concrete, sheetwall, to plumbing.

(I steer clear of electrical work...blame it on schoolhouse rock)

Anyway, I just wanted to make knowledge born that the God can get down.

Taking apart sinks and even adding my own green science in it. Want to get rid of some of that rust and algae build up inthe nuts, bolts, and pipe Soak some of those pieces in a bath of baking soda and vineger. You don't need no chemicals (or even scrubbing).

So, I just peeked in and dropped that seed. Got to get back to work.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

5 Really Weird Things About Water

Water, good ol’ H2O, seems like a pretty simple substance to you and me. But in reality, water - the foundation of life and most common of liquid - is really weird and scientists actually don’t completely understand how water works.

Here are 5 really weird things about water:

1. Hot Water Freezes Faster Than Cold Water
Take two pails of water; fill one with hot water and the other one with cold water, and put them in the freezer. The hot one would be frozen before the cold one. But wait, you say, that’s counterintuitive: wouldn’t the hot water have to cool down to the temperature of the cold water before proceeding to freezing temperature, whereas the cold one has “less to go” before freezing?
In 1963, a Tanzanian high-school student named Erasto B. Mpemba was freezing hot ice cream mix in a cooking class when he noticed that a hot mix actually froze faster than a cold mix. When he asked his teacher about this phenomenon, his teacher ridiculed him by saying “All I can say is that is Mpemba’s physics and not universal physics.”
Thankfully, Mpemba didn’t back down - he convinced a physics professor to conduct an experiment which eventually confirmed his observations: in certain conditions, hot water indeed freezes before cold water*.
Actually, Mpemba was in good company. The phenomenon of hot water freezing first, now called the “Mpemba effect” was noted by none other than Aristotle, Francis Bacon and RenĂ© Descartes.
But how do scientists explain this strange phenomenon? It turns out that no one really knows but there are several possible explanations, including differences in supercooling (see below), evaporation, frost formation, convention, and effects of dissolved gasses between the hot and cold water.
*In reality - of course - it’s much more complex than that: hot water freezes first (it forms ice at a higher temperature than cold water), whereas cold water freezes faster (it takes less time to reach the supercooled state from which it forms ice) - see discussion on our previous blog post about this topic.

2. Supercooling and “Instant” Ice
Everybody knows that when you cool water to 0 °C (32 °F) it forms ice … except that in some cases it doesn’t! You can actually chill very pure water past its freezing point (at standard pressure, no cheating!) without it ever becoming solid.
Scientist know a lot about supercooling: it turns out that ice crystals need nucleation points to start forming. These nucleation points could be anything from gas bubbles to impurities to the rough surface of the container. Without these things, water would continue to be a “supercooled” liquid well below its freezing point.
When nucleation is triggered, then a supercooled water would “instantly” turn into ice, as this very cool video clip by Phil Medina of MrSciGuy shows:
Note: Similarly, superheated water remains liquid even when heated past its boiling point.

3. Glassy Water
Quick: how many phases of water are there? If you answer three (liquid, gas, and solid) you’d be wrong. There are at least 5 different phases of liquid water and 14 different phases (that scientists have found so far) of ice.
Remember the supercooling we talked about before? Well, it turns out that no matter what you do, at -38 °C even the purest supercooled water spontaneously turns into ice (with a little audible “bang” no less). But what happens if you continue to lower the temperature? Well, at -120 °C something strange starts to happen: the water becomes ultraviscous, or thick like molasses. And below -135 °C, it becomes “glassy water,” a solid with no crystal structure. (Source)

4. Quantum Properties of Water
At a molecular level, water is even weirder. In 1995, a neutron scattering experiment got a weird result: physicists found that when neutrons were aimed at water molecules, they “saw” 25% fewer hydrogen protons than expected.
Long story short, at the level of attoseconds (10-18 seconds) there is a weird quantum effect going on and the chemical formula for water isn’t H2O. It’s actually H1.5O! (Source)

5. Does Water Have Memory?
In the alternative medicine of homeopathy, a dilute solution of a compound can have healing effects, even if the dilution factor is so large that statistically there isn’t a single molecule of anything in it except for water. Homeopathy proponents explain this paradox with a concept called “water memory” where water molecules “remember” what particles were once dissolved in it.
This made no sense to Madeleine Ennis, a pharmacologist and professor at Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Ennis, who also happened to be a vocal critic of homeopathy, devised an experiment to disprove “water memory” once and for all - but discovered that her result is the exact opposite!

In her most recent paper, Ennis describes how her team looked at the effects of ultra-dilute solutions of histamine on human white blood cells involved in inflammation. These “basophils” release histamine when the cells are under attack. Once released, the histamine stops them releasing any more. The study, replicated in four different labs, found that homeopathic solutions - so dilute that they probably didn’t contain a single histamine molecule - worked just like histamine. Ennis might not be happy with the homeopaths’ claims, but she admits that an effect cannot be ruled out.

So how could it happen? Homeopaths prepare their remedies by dissolving things like charcoal, deadly nightshade or spider venom in ethanol, and then diluting this “mother tincture” in water again and again. No matter what the level of dilution, homeopaths claim, the original remedy leaves some kind of imprint on the water molecules. Thus, however dilute the solution becomes, it is still imbued with the properties of the remedy.

You can understand why Ennis remains skeptical. And it remains true that no homeopathic remedy has ever been shown to work in a large randomised placebo-controlled clinical trial. But the Belfast study (Inflammation Research, vol 53, p 181) suggests that something is going on. “We are,” Ennis says in her paper, “unable to explain our findings and are reporting them to encourage others to investigate this phenomenon.” If the results turn out to be real, she says, the implications are profound: we may have to rewrite physics and chemistry. (Source)
So far, other scientists failed to reproduce Ennis’ experimental findings (throughout, Ennis herself was skeptical of the result’s interpretation that water has a “memory” but maintained that the phenomenon she saw was real).

See also Jacques Benveniste’s Nature controversy Louise Rey’s thermoluminescence study
More recently, a team of scientists at the University of Toronto, Canada, and Max Born Institute in Germany, studying water dynamics using fancy multi-dimensional nonlinear infrared spectroscopy did find that water have a memory of sorts - in form of hydrogen bond network amongst water molecules. Problem for homeopathy was, this effect lasted only 50 femtoseconds (5 x 10-14 seconds)!

Bonus: Ice Spikes
photo: SnowCrystals
Ice spikes are, well, spikes that grow out of ice cube trays. They look like stalagmites found in caves, and you can make ‘em yourself using distilled water. Kenneth G. Libbrecht of SnowCrystals explains:

How do Ice Spikes Form?
Ice spikes grow as the water in an ice cube tray turns to ice. The water first freezes on the top surface, around the edges of what will become the ice cube. The ice slowly freezes in from the edges, until just a small hole is left unfrozen in the surface. At the same time, while the surface is freezing, more ice starts to form around the sides of the cube.
Since ice expands as it freezes, the ice freezing below the surface starts to push water up through the hole in the surface ice (see diagram). If the conditions are just right, then water will be forced out of the hole in the ice and it will freeze into an ice spike, a bit like lava pouring out of a hole in the ground to makes a volcano. But water does not flow down the sides of a thin spike, so in that way it is different from a volcano. Rather, the water freezes around the rim of the tube, and thus adds to its length. The spike can continue growing taller until all the water freezes, cutting off the supply, or until the tube freezes shut. The tallest spike we’ve seen growing in an ordinary ice cube tray was 56mm (2.2in) long. (Source)
Bonus 2: Make Instant Snow with Boiling Water
What do you get when you throw boiling water to the air in subzero weather? Instant snow. Interestingly, it only works with boiling hot water:

These aren’t the only things weird about water. We didn’t talk about how water density changes with temperature (ice, for instance, is less dense than water so it floats - a key property of water that made life possible in the oceans and lakes). Nor did we talk about the weirdly strong surface tension of water, ordered clustering of liquid water, and so on. If you are interested, check out the Anomalous Properties of Water article by Martin Chaplin

The Green Gangsta jacked this from The Best Article Everyday

Monday, September 8, 2008

DIY products for that ass

First off I gotta really apologize. My man Dan Tres's wife has the ill DIY products from soaps to housewares. She needs to get all of the shine that she can so BAM here I go. Stop by her that love...get off the corporate grid...get something green and fresh.

and also

JesPlayin - Housewares, Fresh Original Designs

Friday, September 5, 2008


What's funny to me is that I hear alot from people about 'militant vegetarians' yet when you check their resume (and I check people all of the time). They don't even know ONE vegetarian or even come in contact with them. Some people just get annoyed when anyone exists that may not reflect their lifestyle. It's like the good old boys in some backwoods downsouth who ain't never met a black person yet are as racist as they come.

In my travels what I have found more often are militant meat eaters. These people make it a 'point' to state "you don't know what you are missing", slob on meat as though that will make me want to chuck down a porkchop, try to sneak meat by products in veggie food, etc. It's kinda sad. And on top of it, again, they are the most pill popping, stomach grabbing, slothful people I know yet can't make 1+1=2.

The newest trend (well actually old if you count the Burger King commercials) are fast food commercials pushing 'meatatrian joints' or 'you ain't really a man if you don't eat meat'. They know EXACTLY what emotional buttons to push on the people.

It's no suprise though. The budget that these corporations have to push their promotions vs fruit/vegetable farmers is shameful.

In my travels I've found that the best way to address such propoganda is by actual facts. That is, I'm making fun of your ass when your sick from with it glutton. I will challenge you at the drop of the dime to out run me, out hike me, out fight me, out dance me, etc.

Also remember that historically eating meat in terms of post colonial societies was a sign of status. It ain't got nothing to do with your mysteriious ambigious protein needs. In fact check that post from a few days ago where it mentions that so called Latinos are eating less meat. Why aren't they all of the sudden dying? And according to census they are one of the largest growing groups in the United States. Get with it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I said no pork

*plus I repaired the link to the Purple Yamster's blogspot below.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Micro blogging: Purple Yams

Yeah son. Well it's not a post by Faatma or the the food yet it's my man Sincere Justice laying it down with the pen from his own food travels to the Chinese presence in South America, the Caribbean, etc. Check out the Purple Yamster

Reboot DIY style

Part of the C'BS liberation movement is 'bout being on his DIY (do it yourself dun). Everytime I discover something that renews my maker/ownership status I get amped.

Check the scenario. My laptop crashed. What is funny is that I was just discussing with some of my people that I have to clean up my laptop and streamline it. Seems that it wanted to get a headstart. I took it to get fixed and when I got it back it worked like 2 times and then went on the fritz AGAIN! That's where my homegirl Phylis came through and literally just fixed it (reminding me that she grew up with 2 brothers who build computers and that next time I need to throw money her way...shout out!). With all of that said and done, plus the fact that alot more of my livelyhood (as in how I make my gold) is straight coming from the internet I got (was already getting) on the ball. So now I'm gonna share some ILL tech joints that you can check out and integrate into your PC. I told you I go Black to Nature yet I'm AncientFuturistic. I Build gold plated pyramids and do skateboard tricks on motherplanes.

First off, check out the DIY stylings. The pic above is of an old busted laptop (not the current one I'm hitting you with) of mines. What is it good for? Well, how about making a backup external hardrive!!!. Yes! And the God made hi can't stop me. And check it out when I put it in a nice package.

Now get some Free Applications so you can stop being big corporations (like Microsoft) bitches. Photoshop, Microsoft Office, sound programs, operating system programs...forget that. Get some FREE stuff that works just as well if not BETTER. I rock like 1/2 of them on that list and I'm about to instal Ubuntu which is basically a free windows application. Get edumacated.

Speaking of which let me throw some more Open Souce shit at you.

And since this whole thing started with talking about loosing files. In addition to rocking an ill external hardrive how about backing it up online..i give you some free spots right here.

Stop God, no more, no more free stuff.

Let me just hit you with three more things.

35 places to download some free music

7 Useful GoogleTalk bots

100 Ways to Use your Ipod to Study better

Now get wit it.