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Monday, June 23, 2008

Here I go again

Back on track (wasn't ever really off..was checking out some ill plant formations on the side of the road). For all you people who have been buggin' me yeah I'll get back to REGULAR blogging. Trust ain't for lack of things to say. So, as I ease back into the bio-spheric flow let some of my other peeps speak for me. Make sure you check out their sites (nah, for real, or there will be consequences ya dig?).

My good sister Cy who is the raw foodist down in Kiskeya(that's Dominican Republic for you non indigenous handicapped mofos in the original Taino language) who is the Third Word Raw Foodist just dropped a site dealing with not health care yet self care over at Concourses to Radiant Health

WTF??!!! There is a group of Original Women coming together to support each other in their raw food lifestyle? You lying...not...check out Sistas in the Raw. come you haven't been checking out Amari Cruz the Cocoa Vegan??!!! Cuz you a (maple) sap sucka that's why. Get there.

Finally my good sol sister the Earth FaaTma is pushing Solar to its sunrise so check out the progress. the way...remember I'm a raw foodist. Aww damn let Asun Unique tell you.

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Anonymous said...

My brotha,

I happened to stumble across your blog and am quite honored that I'm mentioned in your post. Thank you! I haven't written on thecocoavegan in ages but since you're a raw foodie like me...i have a raw blog as well. Peace and I'll see you on SoulVeg!