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Monday, July 21, 2008

Age gracefully

Yep. Another rotation around the sun and constantly exploring no beginning and no ending. My mantra is that adults grow up to be children. The world is becoming more fascinating to me every second. Yes there are something that I want to have in my life. I'm moving toward them and at the same time they are moving toward me.

Constantly being mistaken physically (never mentally) for being in my twenties is just a fact of my existence. The God does it by simply taking care of my internal physical landscape.

No cigarettes to weaken the lungs. Shallow breathing is connected to depression
No abuse of alcohol which weakens the liver which generates anger.
Recently through various integrated practices ( the blog, sungazing, martial arts, dancing, writing, etc) learned to let go of stress which ages you at a ridiculous rate.

Eating sunfired foods has enabled me to add a realm of simplicity into my life. And I quite enjoy it. 37 years young and getting younger.

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usupreme said...

Peace 2 the God! Happy born day beloved. I'm going 2 do the 1 on sunfire foods. Check out a link on my blog titled What is Health.

C'BS ALife Allah said...

Peace God,
I'll definitely do that