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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obesity and health

And its the problem of the modern world. While you have women such as Oprah and Monique champion the cause of being 'happy with whatever size you are' and 'Black women are naturally more thick' it is juxtaposed against the growing dangers of obesity. What needs to be done from my vantage point is a new physical general standard needs to be taken into account that is inclusive of the standards of various ethnic groups. Yes, women of various Original ethnic groups have always had more ample hills and mountains. That's because the damn white beauty frail standard is SICKLY. Also, it is CURRENT. If you go back just a couple of centuries ago you will see pictures of 'voluptuous' white women in portraits.

The reason for the shift is economic. A woman who was 'plump' was in effect flaunting her wealth ie..she could sit on her ass all day long. Also the pale skin showed that she didn't have to get out in the sun to work. Fast forward a couple of centuries later and boom. You show your wealthy by going to workout spas, tanning salons, and sitting in the sun still showing that you don't have to work.

There is a line between natural ethnic beauty standards and obesity. We just have to redefine it and not use the excuse of 'just accept me as I am' as a shield to hide from the growing issue of health problems and obesity in our communities.

While peta pets are trying to save the whales we need to save our communities

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for a post that doesn't sing the virtues of over-thinness. Somewhere, somehow the word got out that thinness is synonomous with good health. And nothing could be further from the truth. I'm not saying that obesity is a good thing. Nope never, but the white version of health isn't healthier.