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Friday, August 15, 2008

Save some Original Health Spots

Got this from my alike Divine Ruler Equality Allah. Check it out and if you can support this brother. We have a billion and one fast food spots, package stores, etc. We can't afford to loose one spot of healing.

Peace, This is brother Divine. I'm writing this letter because some of you may be friends or acquittances of Brother Artis Hinson, proprietor of Body Ecology health store. I have some grave news. Brother Hinson is in danger of losing his house/store by foreclosure due to hard times and balance due on mortgage loan. He has to make up a difference of approximately $5,000 to get current with his house by September 1st or risk the property going to sale on auction. If you have benefited from Bro. Art's friendship, his wisdom in concerns to health, or used his store when it was downtown before the fire, or his current store at his house, as a networking venue to meet other people of like minds, then you Know and Understand how it would be a tragedy if we lost the presence of Body Ecology and more importantly Bro. Art from the Greensboro, NC and Piedmont Triad community. Please consider helping to add on anyway you can or spread the word. I am also making this call to try to organize with like minds to have a rent party for Bro. Art to get his balance current. You can contact me at 336 675 1628, or Bro. Art at 336 273 7406 . Also, if you haven't already, please try to scoop up Bro. Art's book "From Dogma to Light". There's something in there for everyone, even a SKEPTIC like me, because Art has some of the bomb raw food desert recipes. Thank you for adding on in any way you can. Feel free to forward this message. Peace.

Bro. Divine.

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