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Friday, August 1, 2008


Why I blog. Why I DIY. Cause I read 1984 in 1984 and already knew that we'd be living in 1984. That filthy dollar (the dollar is filthy..yeah..mad people's grimy hands has been on it yet gold kinda sparkles) is utilized by the rich slave makers of the poor to control what they see and hear. I already knew that their agenda was to tell lies on the 5%/poor righteous teachers.

Why I blog. Why I DIY.

Cause ain't nobody going to love you like God( don't know my resume THIS Blackman is God). Ain't nobody going to tell you the truth like your brother.

Why I DIY.

Cause I hate corporations that are nothing except the modern day incarnations of the same groups of old white men who financed slavery (yeah...I said it...those insurance firms founded on slave blood money). They also teach the poor lies that they cannot be the makers and owners of their own destiny. They actually have people believing that they need to buy name brand toothpaste, soap,PAPER TOWELS, etc. How crazy is that?

I was Building with my father (cause we do stuff like that..sorry..i got a good relationship with the Old fodder for a 'dad not in my life' story there) about solar energy. We were Building on how important it is for people on the ground level to learn how to do this stuff theirselves because when that oil runs out WHO THE FUNK DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO OWN ALL OF THE ALTERNATIVE ENERGY CORPORATIONS? The same robber barons who are funking up the world now. I ain't down with them. I am the Sun (of Man). I ain't going through no intermediary to build with myself.

Now check out what they have done with digital channels

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