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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Asiatic Light Publishing and Promotion (Twitter)

Peace. Just a check in. Keep up with my new endeavor by following me on twitter at I'll build more on it when I return to the blogsphere yet until then you can keep in tune with the project there which is Asiatic Light publishing and promotion micropress. The first Green web 2.0 publishing house geared towards Original People.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Peace. I'll be on sabbatical for about 2 months. Those that know how to reach me get at me if you need me. The Blackman is God. The Blackwoman is the Earth. The babies are the greatest.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Raw Mami relocation

So I wondered where my sis the rawmami went to on the blogsphere. Turns out that she turned up reincarnated. Check out her new spot at Ravynn's Rawthentic Life. Show some love.

Green Search Engine

I jacked this from the ecogeek blog.

Web 3.0 is still a new concept, but a new search engine called Truevert wants ecogeeks to be the first to benefit from it.

Truevert, as an example of Web 3.0, utilizes smart browsing, where the search engine learns the meaning of words through context to improve searches. Truevert has learned words in a green context so that all searches are done from an environmental point of view. If you're searching for the word "solar," the engine knows you mean solar energy, not just anything having to do with the sun.

Other green search engines exist, but Truevert is different because it's not just scouring green websites; it's using the learned context to search all of the web, allowing for more thorough results.

For those of us who are constantly looking for green information, this could be a real asset and time saver.

via Treehugger

Monday, November 10, 2008


So if you know me you know that ever since I was 16 I fasted on Thanksgiving (Oh L yeah I'll have a crazy reflective post on the the origins of that day when it rolls around). [Back to the the Story]-{no BLACK to the story}.

I usually have a pre or post Thanksgiving harvest feast to commemorate Fall/Autumn/Harvest. (still haven't figured out if its going to be pre or post this year). I am also contemplating having the gathering in Mecca (Harlem) or Medina (Brooklyn)so my NYC folk shout out the God.

I have the menu drawn up and the recipes. It'll be a communal preparation. I got the recipes from my man rawfoodfrank. This is the first year I'm doing an all raw feast so be down,you know you want to be.

Cream of Parsnip Soup
Candied Pecans
Pomegranate Vinaigrette
Spicy Sweet Potatoes
Sprouted Wild Grass Stuffing
Walnut and Sage Gravy
Goji-cranberry sauce
Green Beans with Mustard-Almond Aioli
Perfect Pear Tart
Carob Fudge

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I like to take pictures of food. Some of these are dishes I made. Some are dishes I ate. It was all good though. I like the way light plays off of food showing that alot of those fruit and veggies are just bundles of encapsulated solar energy. And it tastes gud.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Environmental Justice

Monday, November 3, 2008

Power Vote

Day of the Dead..Park of the Living

So yesterday was Los Dia de los Muertos. My alike Sha-King has an interesting 5% perspective over at his blog on the day. I got my eat on a little bit yesterday with the ill raw skull cookies that my Mexica co-worker rocked out.

When I was driving the other day while at my refugee job I noticed the huge amounts of land set aside for cemeteries. I mean..huge amounts of land. It got me thinking that there aren't even parks in hood. Yet we have these acres of land set aside for dead folk.

In terms of Los Dia de los Muertos what to me is fresh is that those who celebrate it reclaim the cemetery as a public gathering place. I mean, having gatherings, food, celebration in the cemetery. It is now a FUNCTIONAL piece of land.

It started me thinking about the impact that burial has on the environment and the pumping of chemicals (embalming fluid), non decomposing caskets, etc into the Earth. So my mental went toward looking into Natural Burial. Basically there are ways to be environmentally sound when burying and have a functional landscape. Also for the entrepreneurs out is a growing GREEN business so you can get in on the ground floor. Check out some of these links

The Green Burial Council

Earth Artist

Memorial Ecosystems

And yes..I still have some more urbangogreen footage to show you so stay tuned.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

So did I mention that autumn is when I think about my Old Earth

I use to love autumn. I live in New England where people come from all over to see that transition. I use to know a girl whose name was autumn who was beautiful. She was from NYC going to Yale and I taught her how to drive yet I wasn't swift enough to realize that she should've been mine's and when I was ready the leaves on her tree had fallen and her hear was winter to me. Autumn is when green bleeds into orange red chakras that hum. I use to love autumn before my Old Earth returned to the essence and we lowered her physical shell into the gound on a rainy October afternoon. Before it even reaches my conscious the change in the season starts screeching against my subconscious. It seems that negative things tend to accumulate around me during autumn. My oldest brother and oldest sister returned to their essence around that time. I broke up with my ex in fall and lost my son for a moment in autumn. And one who I care for deeply I lost her in summer before fall. I still have unresolved issues from my Old Earth's return. The greatest gift that my father and mother gave me was showing me how a relationship works. It's funny that many times you work to express this to others yet due to their own experience they refuse to belive that it can exist. Through that mileage they raised us with a beautiful care that I can never thank them for. I have a heavy heart sometimes because my Old Earth didn't see me give this to my son. My father washed my Old Earth's full body in baths and showers when she couldn't do that herself. I never saw them run from each other. They only ran toward each other. Sometimes I think that loving my son is the one right thing that I've done in this life. October causes me to be an emotional wreck in so many ways and sometimes even a damn sitcom will cause me to well up. This is the first year though that I am bringing the sun (of man) into the fall. So much has gotten done. So much is getting done. And people reveal theirselves as who they are in your life via actions vs words. I wish she could see it as it unfolds.

Her name is Doris Hill Massie.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

For some reason I've been having difficulty uploading all of my video from the urbangogreen function. Stay tune. I'll get it right. Meanwhile check out some flicks I took of the fall in New England, and pt I of a video of a park near my rest.

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