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Monday, February 9, 2009

1 year anniversary for self and Catch a Healthy Habit

In 2007 I went to Denver and had a raw food fiesta. I had chocolate pudding made with cacao and avocado. I had spaghetti made out o zucchini and 'meatballs' made out of nut meat. I had 'heard' the term 'raw foodist' thrown around yet I had images of just munching on an apple and stuff. My time in Denver changed that. It took a while yet later that year I fully switched over into a raw foodist life style. In fact it is going on about a year now. Ironically Catch a Healthy Habit, the raw food cafe in West Haven had its 1 year anniversary yesterday.

Now, it wasn't easy at first because I was/am in the process of learning. So in order to make sure I was getting a variety in my meals I had to constantly be on the ball learning new recipes. What eased this whole transition into this lifestyle was Catch a Healthy Habit. It is my version of raw 'fast food'. I can roll through and get some raw goodness to touch the tummy and it will be good. I'm a question asker also so I've learned alot during its one year in existence here near me.

As I prepare to move I think how easy that it has been for me yet I am happy in that I definitely did not waste my time there. I learned while I was around. If you roll through southern C-Truth definitely check it out.

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