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Monday, February 23, 2009

Raw at the Root (of civilization)

Never thought there would be the day when I would verse on the regular with Gods and Earths about being a raw foodist yet I definitely got my raw food clique that I Build with when at the root (Mecca aka Harlem). I got the normal usual versing with my little brother Khalik Allah about how eating that raw chocolate can get you HYGH! (No lie). Also spoke with him and Original Author Allah about the project that they are working on.

Then I got to meet in the flesh Queen Jael Devine whom you may know as Ravyn from Rawthentic life.
Good to meet and confirm internet celebrities in the flesh. And on another note...we might just be having a Original Indigenous Raw feast up here in CT in the upcoming months so stay tuned!


faatma is... said...

Khalik is HILARIOUS!! thats all I have to say... PEACE

Queen Infinite Wisdom said...

Peace to my Allah Cee Equality, C'BS!!!

This Parliament was monumental for so many reasons, and it couldn't have been better for my first one. You've been an inspiration to me since the SoulVeg days (like that's so long ago lolol) and to build with you in the physical is definitely Peace!

Peace to Khalik and the Gods and Earths I got to spend time with. And I'm jackin' this pic, you got my 'good side' LOL


SUNEZ said...

Peace C'BS,

This was clearly a PSA against Raw Food, right? lol

Sunez Allah

C'BS ALife Allah said...

Khalik is the wildstyle posterGod for Raw food. You're right Sunez either you will be attracted or repelled FAR away cause they 'just can't handle the truth'.

Khalik Allah said...

Peace to the God! Yo C I ain't even know you had this up here. Hahaha, thatZ the real Live medicine. Your build is looking crazy with the BlakNerd chamomile tea. Peace to the WHOLE nation!

C'BS ALife Allah said...

Peace Lord. U already know how we get down.

Earth Izayaa Allat-- Tierra Izayaa Allat said...
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