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Monday, January 28, 2008

Green Gangsta

I am going to lay it down how I came into this state of Black Green (damn...I gotta make up a funky name...stay tuned) consciousness called 'Black to Nature'. Look for it in Original Thought Metazine in the upcoming months under the By Seed and By Soil Section. Yet until then I'll let you in on some of the things that aided in my development.

Dick Gregory was definitely one of those people outside of my own personal experience that added to my world view. As a comedian pre-civil rights he was gangsta. In a restaurant surrounded by some white folk he was about to eat some chicken. They said to him that whatever he did to that chicken they were going to do to him. So my man laid a big sloppy kiss on it and told them to line up...gangsta.

Anyway what is great about him is he became an activist for human right and a vegan.

His book "Dick Gregory's Natural Diet for Folks Who Eat: Cookin' With Mother Nature!" was one of my first books on vegetarian diets. It was straight forward with no mystic mumbo jumbo that alot of later Black vegetarian books mixed into their work. He broke down fasting. He broke down why it was better to go veg. The greatest tool in there for me was the analogy of the body to a car. By explaining how certain parts of the car didn't function right if not cared for it was SO clear to me how my body was being hurt. That explanation was simple and until this day it is what I use to explain the benefits of this way of life to others.

If you don't have that book in your library pick it up. Also check this article written about him


Brother OMi said...

damn i use that analogy in my lecture. didn't know he had a book on it. will cop it

i seen him speak a few times, he is gangsta

blactivegan said...

mad love! good seeing another brother up in the mix. i remember peepin' that gray bahamian diet canister atop my mom's fridge back in the day. she learned alot from his books and lectures. what makes him so dope is that he is holistic not only in diet but also perspective, that's why folks can feel him. instead of some ol' diet gimmick, he keeps in plain and relevant. i feel that the diet piece is just a natural progression from social justice concepts - that's how mlk turned vegan. thanks for adding me to the blogroll...i'll return the favor.