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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Now a Few Words from our Sponsors

Now I know alot of 'vegetarians' out there use those 'given' definitions for self. I ain't one of them so let me speak my peace on something that I think is just a lapse in common sense.

"I'm a vegetarian yet I still eat eggs and milk"

"I'm a vegetarian yet I still eat chicken and fish"

Stop lying. You are NOT a vegetarian anymore than a person who eats beef and pork is a carnivore. You STILL have an omnivorous diet. Get over it.

Now I will concur that you may have a PLANT CENTERED diet. I can roll with that. You can have that term. Yes, over all it is healthier than a meat-centric diet. Yet leave that vegetarian title to those who have a PLANT ONLY diet.

Even in the plant only diet there are different levels and philosophies so don't think I am kicking you out of the club. I'm just giving you a different designation.

You have raw foodist, you have fruitarians, you have those who shun grains, etc. We're a varied lot.

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