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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Can you dig it??!!

So I'm rolling with a female friend to a clothing store (for the record...why did I torture myself like this. If it is not your signifigant other don't obligate yourself) and I ran into a former writing student of mines (the urban vegan taught poetry and prose to high teenagers folks and writing is actually my calling and..oh yeah...I have a book of poetry out.). After some small talk he told me about a new RAW FOOD CAFE that opened in West Haven (right next door to New Haven where I rule). First off HOW THE L DID SUCH A PLACE OPEN UP WITHOUT ME KNOWING ABOUT IT!. We rolled over to Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe' (after an eternity in women's apparel). The folks were friendly, the drinks divine, $1/minute massages, and wi-fi...hmmmmm....starting to like this place. Anyway stay tunned for more reports from the spot (yeah I would find it one day before I was starting my fast).

Now another thing that I have been excited about is connecting Nation-wide with other Black Green Gangsta folks (Now by Black I mean an Original/Indigenous person ie non white...not just 'African-American'...yeah...more on that later...Black, Brown and Yellow...all Shades 'O Black to me). So keep checking the side bars cause its a growing.

Eco Soul Kitchen by Bryant Terry author of the cooking book Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen

Bryant Terry Website

Breeze Harper working on the Sista Vegan project

Black and Green Blog from some heavy hitters

Afrikan Raw Vegan

Patti Moreno the Garden Girl (good looking Blacktivegan)

Keep checking my other folks on the regular also. We got some goodness for you.

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