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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gone for a bit

Peace. I'll be away from the blogsphere for a minute (aprox 2 weeks) so I won't be posting in that time. I decided to give y'all a chunky post with a lot of links of some things that resonate with me. Check 'em out and before no time I'll be back. By the way the fast is going good. I'll have more on that when I return.

I got the following 2 post from Ultraviolet Underground. Finally the government has conceded that some immunization shots cause autism. A lot of us have been saying this all of the time. Also keep your eyes open for this new bill that is trying to forcibly medicate pregnant women whom are diagnosed as depressed.

Some know that I have an issue with the whole Peta-esque type animal savior movements because basically they are racist. They don't hold the sanctity of Original People's lives and history in any type of esteem (take for instance the whole Peta campaign where they compared Black slavery to animal cruelty). Check out the post by La Chola and the discussion that follows. It hits a lot of the points right on the head (by the way got the link to it from the Vegans of Color blog.

As an aside I always joke (or am I really joking) with meat eaters that I eat more of a 'variety' of foods of my target group (vegetables, fruits, etc) then they do (meats). On the average the meat eaters I know only eat at most about 5 or 6 different types of meats. Shoot...I eat more variety of veggies in one meal. I point out that I probably have experimented with more types of meats (before I became veg) then they have. I've eaten snake, lion, boar, raccoon, etc (yeah I know..that stuff is nasty..ha). So when I get into that joking mode (or am I joking) I tell them to go all out. Eat MEAT dammit. Eat some roaches, some rat, some possum, some pigeon, etc. Be like Andrew Zimmern on Bizzare Foods and experiment with exotic food worldwide. I watched a few episodes the other day and I'll just say that the fried chicken uterus, pickled unhatched chicken eggs, and still beating frog heart aren't my cup of tea.

Those who frequent the spot know that I do this for Original People world wide. The intent is to show that there exist a pre Peta hippie-esque tree hugging eco-consciousness amongst Original People. Thus I like to put on front street various sites of Original People who are doing their Green Gangsta Boogie. By the way, some of these may be in different languages. So you can either just get your language reading weight up or revel in the fact that we're doing this world wide (no more music by the suckers).

Ya know I gotta give Ani Phyo some shine.
Check out the Pinoy vegetarians at Pinoy Vegetarian and some more recipes over at Filipino Vegetarian Recipes.
We got the Asian Vegan at this spot dropping it.
Now just dip a little and stop by the Indonesian Vegan Society. It don't stop.
Venture over to The Green Belt Movement which was founded by the great heroine Kenyan Wangari Maathai, the professor-turned-activist who won the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize.
Now these next two are for the language challenged yet as I said before, get your weight up.
First check out this veggie spot in Puerto Rico
Second check out the Iranian Vegetarians

I'm not a Luddite or Neo-Luddite (get your vocab game up). I love technology (I'm writing on a computer ain't I) and my personal view is that we can evolve technology in tune with nature. I've been in love with biomimicry ever since I read a book on the subject. Here are a few sites you should check out.

Also check out some future musings about Engery Islands

Black People take stock about diabetes. I have lost numerous family members due to diabetic complications that could've been avoided with diet. My physical brother has diabetes and has heeded my 'preaching' and is doing quite well because of it.

Finally remember I am not just a vegan. I am a vegan who is on his way to advocating sun fried foods being a major portion of your diet. Then check out this page Sun Foods that has some beautiful pics of some exotic fruits.



Ensayn1 said...

Be safe on you journey Black man.

Peace, Respect and Guidance!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you about those PETA people! I don't condone cruelty to animals, but I really don't care for them or their attitudes either. For this simple fact, I was a vegetarian in childhood from age 2 and now I'm a vegan as an adult. I always tell people I was never drawn to animal products/meat...except for cheese for a while. PETA had nothing to do with my was all about health and works best for me. In addition, my African-American mother was raised a vegan too so that's the example that I come from. She's in her late 50's so this was LONG before this PETA stuff was around! They are only globally stealing/looting thoughts, concepts, and ideas of us brown folks!

C'BS ALife Allah said...