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Friday, March 14, 2008


Now that we've had our PSA from Big Daddy Kane (btw I've been 90% raw since like November..what!) let's get to the heart of the matter (etymology Middle English, from Old French matere, from Latin mteria, wood, timber, matter, from mater, mother (because the woody part was seen as the source of growth..get educated..the Original woman is the Earth).

I wanted to let you know that Original people are getting GANGSTA with the Green (for the uninitiated that means 'people of color' us indigenous, melanin skin tagged up, sitting in the back of the bus, colonized, otherized folk). There ain't a whole lot of whining going on over here.

Let's start with the children and let pre-teen Svern Suzuki let you know "how it is". She basically is telling adults to check their selves.

Then let's bounce over to the Black Farmers working to form some farm co-ops (insert PE's "brothers going to work it out here").

Finally, they ain't PLAYING in Brazil. You bring genetically modified food in here we're going to f*ck up your WHOLE crop! Now you can't get any realer than that!

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