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Monday, September 22, 2008

7 Warriors

The traditional Mexica diet is rooted in 7 plant foods. This article below (and some ill fresh links, take the time to read on them) dropsit. It once again affirms that indigenous cultures have within them the elements to generate a plant-centric diet. You don't have to go to a Dead concert. Originally from

Our ancestors were able to create the most efficient diet in the world. The Europeans have labeled our 3 most important crops: "The Dietary Triad" which is comprised of corn, beans and squash. The vitamins and minerals contained in these three crops is adequate to sustain the human body and requires only the addition of vitamin c to create a perfect balance in the body. It is due to the diffusion of these main crops that the worlds population has exploded. The "Dietary Triad" is a tremendous feat which has been unmatched by any in the world. Unlike the Europeans and other peoples, our ancestors had no need to domesticate animals as we had enough with our crops. This is the reason our people had almost no diseases when the Europeans invaded and this is why the Europeans had hundreds of diseases which spread quickly amongst our healthy population and decimated the entire continent of Anahuak. Animals are filthy and harbor many diseases which over the years, mutated and attacked the people of the "Old World". It is not to say that we did not domesticate animals because we did; but not for the sole pupose of consumption. In the entire continent of Anahuak, only two animals were ever domesticated: the dog and the turkey. We domesticated the dog and turkey as pets although some people ate them as a delicassy. It is important to realize that the dog and turkey were by no means necessary in our diet.

The "Dietary Triad" was and still is the most important part of our diet as many foods which were eaten by our ancestors are still eaten today (tortillas, pozole, atole, mole, gum which was used to clean the teeth, tamales etc.. etc..) The reason why a lot of Mexicans are overweight and unhealthy today is because we now also eat the animal meat brought by the Spaniards. Whats the problem with this? Well, we get the adequate amount of protein our body needs when we eat beans. If you add beef or chicken, you will be putting too much protein into your body and you will therefore gain weight. Never underestimate the value of your diet! You should always try to stick to our native foods as they are the most effecient in the world.

The three main crops are supplemented with four others which all together we call the Chikome Yaomeh (the 7 warriors). These crops are supplements to the three main crops and they provide the remaining nutrients and amino acids our bodies need.

Chile (Vitamin C)
Amaranth (Amaranto in Spanish is a seed which we used to make a flour like substance. When the Spaniards invaded, they oulawed its use and today it is mostly found in Mexican candy. The leaves of the plant were also used in soups.)

The road back to the indigenous way of living is a long one and each step is equally important as the next; we should strive to maintain a balance in spirit, mind and body.

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Concourses to Radiant Health said...

extremely fascinating! most of my favorite flavorings come from mexican terrain so it´s interesting to learn some more about the basis. also, you are invited to experience the fall equinox issue of Concourses to Radiant Health. Wishing you peace and wellness always.


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C'BS ALife Allah said...

word..i continue to be surprised by the elements for a plant-centric diet in each original culture out there.