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Friday, September 5, 2008


What's funny to me is that I hear alot from people about 'militant vegetarians' yet when you check their resume (and I check people all of the time). They don't even know ONE vegetarian or even come in contact with them. Some people just get annoyed when anyone exists that may not reflect their lifestyle. It's like the good old boys in some backwoods downsouth who ain't never met a black person yet are as racist as they come.

In my travels what I have found more often are militant meat eaters. These people make it a 'point' to state "you don't know what you are missing", slob on meat as though that will make me want to chuck down a porkchop, try to sneak meat by products in veggie food, etc. It's kinda sad. And on top of it, again, they are the most pill popping, stomach grabbing, slothful people I know yet can't make 1+1=2.

The newest trend (well actually old if you count the Burger King commercials) are fast food commercials pushing 'meatatrian joints' or 'you ain't really a man if you don't eat meat'. They know EXACTLY what emotional buttons to push on the people.

It's no suprise though. The budget that these corporations have to push their promotions vs fruit/vegetable farmers is shameful.

In my travels I've found that the best way to address such propoganda is by actual facts. That is, I'm making fun of your ass when your sick from with it glutton. I will challenge you at the drop of the dime to out run me, out hike me, out fight me, out dance me, etc.

Also remember that historically eating meat in terms of post colonial societies was a sign of status. It ain't got nothing to do with your mysteriious ambigious protein needs. In fact check that post from a few days ago where it mentions that so called Latinos are eating less meat. Why aren't they all of the sudden dying? And according to census they are one of the largest growing groups in the United States. Get with it.

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cy said...

i have experienced the same, a pocketfull of militant veggies and then these die hard meatists. i think this speaks to the issue of who´s in control of the media, who has the power to determine how we see others, and who, in fact is the ¨other.¨