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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Reboot DIY style

Part of the C'BS liberation movement is 'bout being on his DIY (do it yourself dun). Everytime I discover something that renews my maker/ownership status I get amped.

Check the scenario. My laptop crashed. What is funny is that I was just discussing with some of my people that I have to clean up my laptop and streamline it. Seems that it wanted to get a headstart. I took it to get fixed and when I got it back it worked like 2 times and then went on the fritz AGAIN! That's where my homegirl Phylis came through and literally just fixed it (reminding me that she grew up with 2 brothers who build computers and that next time I need to throw money her way...shout out!). With all of that said and done, plus the fact that alot more of my livelyhood (as in how I make my gold) is straight coming from the internet I got (was already getting) on the ball. So now I'm gonna share some ILL tech joints that you can check out and integrate into your PC. I told you I go Black to Nature yet I'm AncientFuturistic. I Build gold plated pyramids and do skateboard tricks on motherplanes.

First off, check out the DIY stylings. The pic above is of an old busted laptop (not the current one I'm hitting you with) of mines. What is it good for? Well, how about making a backup external hardrive!!!. Yes! And the God made hi can't stop me. And check it out when I put it in a nice package.

Now get some Free Applications so you can stop being big corporations (like Microsoft) bitches. Photoshop, Microsoft Office, sound programs, operating system programs...forget that. Get some FREE stuff that works just as well if not BETTER. I rock like 1/2 of them on that list and I'm about to instal Ubuntu which is basically a free windows application. Get edumacated.

Speaking of which let me throw some more Open Souce shit at you.

And since this whole thing started with talking about loosing files. In addition to rocking an ill external hardrive how about backing it up online..i give you some free spots right here.

Stop God, no more, no more free stuff.

Let me just hit you with three more things.

35 places to download some free music

7 Useful GoogleTalk bots

100 Ways to Use your Ipod to Study better

Now get wit it.

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