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Monday, December 15, 2008

6 points

Peace (yeah I say it all of the time..get familiar). I don't usually do these type of things yet my sis Cy hit me up with this thing so I'll indulge.

That's also why you've been TAGGED(!) which means you are supposed to post 6 things about yourself that people may not know, post the 6th foto from the 6th album on your pc and tag 6 more people.

1) Before I started rocking a plant-centric diet I had experienced a range of 'exotic' meats including, yet not limited to, deer, raccoon, snake, lion, ostrich, etc

2) When younger we use to play hide and go seek in an abandoned gun factory in the hood

3) My Old Earth's side of the family is known for twins (she being one herself). I know of 5 sets.

4) I've killed a black adder with a broomstick on farm slithering from a creek.

5) I've hunted with a bow and arrow

6) When I was eleven there was a robber trying to get out of our back window when we got home from church. When my father and another man went to chase him I ran to chase him to. What was I thinking.

6th pic in 6th album. Circa '79/'80. Old Dad in pic with my Old Earth (R.I.P.) holding down a feast in the home.


Serenity Love Divine Earth said...

You can tell it was the 70's look at all that panelling! What does Lion taste like?

C'BS ALife Allah said...

You know you ain't lying. Straight stuntin 70's style!

Lion is tough as hell. Basically any meat that ain't 'herbivore' is mad tough which is why most of the meats on the american menu (besides that scavenger the pig) are herbivores.