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Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter Sun (of Man)

I Know I said a month yet so many of y'all have been caaaalllling me. So I'm going to set this one back in motion. The Journal of Allah's Five Percent will be coming back in fruition soon. Meanwhile walk with me as I make this westward migration hitting a few cities on my way Westward, zen minimalist Ra foodist style.

BTW my alike Sha-King and family came through New Heaven to check the God out. We Built over ill Ra food at Catch a Healthy Habit in West Haven.

And his son, Justice dropped jewels.


Ravynn said...

Peace God! Glad to see you are back in effect. Peace to Sha-King and his Sun Justice he is just ADORABLE.

Anonymous said...

little justice is sooo cute.

suzy dangerous said...

that was therry therry therry cute :)