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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Ohm-mus sandwich

"Sun (of Man) we're STARVING"! Sounds like a personal problem to me. Yet really, I have been meaning to hit y'all with some more recipes in light of 'what do you eat all of the time'. What I DON'T eat all of the time is some lettuce and a piece of fruit (though i ain't knocking it). I gets down and my skill is attested to by former women in my life, children who be chomping it up, and anyone who sits down at my table. So to calm the masses here is my own Hummus recipe with my Sweet Potato chip recipe with my Harissa recipe.

The whole sandwich is called the Ohm-mus special.

Now the Sweet Potato chip recipe is fairly simple yet you'll need a dehydrator. If you ain't got that kind of dough check out how I made a simple DIY solar powered dehydrator. Make a batch. You'll have to dehydrate around 24 hours. Basically cut up some thin slices with a mandolin or something and I spritz them with a light coating of olive oil and cayenne pepper.

For the Harrisa here are the ingredients. As people know I'm walking on the raw foodist path so alot of what I do is from that direction. You can substitute things for certain steps to expedite time. I find that preparing a meal over time is quite fresh. I actually plan in advance meals and something that took a couple of days to rock is all of that.

Some Garlic Cloves Sliced
Some Fresh Lemon Juice
Tomato Paste
Cup Olive oil
Sea Salt and Black Pepper

* Smash the garlic into a paste and add it to a bowl with a pinch of salt
* Add tomato paste and lemon
* Add spices, Mix

You're going to have to figure out the spices to taste. I use a pinch here and a dash thee.

For the Hummus I soak the beans over night yet you can get some canned ones.

2 cups garbanzo beans
1/3 cup tahini
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 teaspoon sea salt
2 cloves garlic, halved
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 pinch paprika
1 teaspoon minced fresh parsley

mix that up in a blender or food processor.

I throw some nice romaine up there with the chips mixed in for a secret crunch hit it with the sauce on the pita and yeaahhhhh.

bite. repeat.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

They literally dump sh*t in the hood


I eat dates, chew mint and spit pits. That's it.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Write back at ya

Peace. By the way. I'm a poet. Just born that way. Something to do with the conjunction of a couple of outer planets and the water turning gold for a moment just after I took my first breath. Anywho...I never stop translating the unspoken into the written and spoken. I'm back at it. With my 1001 projects I got my haiku project going down which is tagging up various abandoned building in New Haven with haiku. I'm shooting for 100 haiku. On another level I'm bringing back my writing blog full force so you can keep checking it by looking at that fresh widget to the right that keeps you in tune with all of my blogs. It's called The Pen is the Sword so check it out.

Man F*ck the Earth

Ha. You know I don''t go out like that yet I got that attention. In lieu (you like my fresh usage of that word don't ya..step your game up ( of me dropping more oil science I'd thought you'd like to check out a bit of conscious humor with the Hummer H8.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Microblogging-Green Foods Festival

Peace. I went to the Green Foods Festival in Harlem this past weekend and it was good. I have some observations about it yet you're just going to have to wait untilt he next issue of in the By Seed and By Soil Section to hear me run my mouth about it.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Here I go again

Back on track (wasn't ever really off..was checking out some ill plant formations on the side of the road). For all you people who have been buggin' me yeah I'll get back to REGULAR blogging. Trust ain't for lack of things to say. So, as I ease back into the bio-spheric flow let some of my other peeps speak for me. Make sure you check out their sites (nah, for real, or there will be consequences ya dig?).

My good sister Cy who is the raw foodist down in Kiskeya(that's Dominican Republic for you non indigenous handicapped mofos in the original Taino language) who is the Third Word Raw Foodist just dropped a site dealing with not health care yet self care over at Concourses to Radiant Health

WTF??!!! There is a group of Original Women coming together to support each other in their raw food lifestyle? You lying...not...check out Sistas in the Raw. come you haven't been checking out Amari Cruz the Cocoa Vegan??!!! Cuz you a (maple) sap sucka that's why. Get there.

Finally my good sol sister the Earth FaaTma is pushing Solar to its sunrise so check out the progress. the way...remember I'm a raw foodist. Aww damn let Asun Unique tell you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

OIl stuff

Okay, let's get real. Gas is outta control and the God just can't hack it like this anymore. Damn, winter is going to be a b*tch. So what is the God doing to navigate through these waters?

*I have literally invested in solar power some of my mulla and looking for a return. Check out this article about the solar energy market over at Be down. In addition I have been experimenting with various solar energy DIY projects from a bike solar battery charger I can put on a bike to my solar powered dehydrator so that I can get off the grid.

*In preparation for my westward migration I have checked out public transportation from bike routes, trains, buses and car pools.

*Here when I can I just walk. I mean even if I have to leave earlier to get to some places I just take the extra time and as a bonus get my exercise on.

Iran's President has something to say about the current oil joint.
The market is full of oil and the rising price trend is “fake and imposed,” Iran’s president said on Tuesday, partly blaming a weak U.S. dollar which he said was being pushed lower on purpose.

“At a time when the growth of consumption is lower than the growth of production and the market is full of oil, prices are rising and this trend is completely fake and imposed,” President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a televised speech.

“It is very clear that visible and invisible hands are controlling prices in a fake way with political and economic aims,” he said when opening a meeting of the OPEC Fund for International Development in the central Iranian city of Isfahan.

Iran, the world’s fourth-largest oil exporter, has repeatedly said the market is well-supplied with crude and blames rising prices on speculation, a weak U.S. currency and geopolitical factors.

“As you know the decrease in the dollar’s value and the increase in energy prices are two sides of the same coin which are being introduced as factors behind the recent instability,” Ahmadinejad said.

Oil steadied on Tuesday after touching a record near $140 the previous day, with traders caught between a weaker dollar and expectations that top exporter Saudi Arabia will ramp up output to its highest rate in decades.

Iran has often said it sees no need for the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to boost output.


Ahmadinejad reiterated his view that oil should be sold in a basket of currencies rather than U.S. dollars, an idea which has failed to win over other OPEC members, except Venezuela.

“The ever-increasing decrease in the dollar’s value is one of the world’s major problems,” he said.

“A combination of the world’s valid currencies should become a basis for oil transactions or (OPEC) member countries should determine a new currency for oil transactions,” he said.

Iran, embroiled in a standoff with the West over its nuclear program, has for more than two years been increasing its sales of oil for currencies other than the dollar, saying the weak U.S. currency is eroding its purchasing power.

Ahmadinejad, who in the past has called the dollar a “worthless piece of paper,” suggested “some big powers” were driving it lower on purpose:

“The planners for some big powers are acting to decrease the dollar’s value,” he said. “For years they imposed inflation and their own economic problems to other nations by injecting the dollar without any support to the global economy.”

Foes since Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution, Tehran and Washington are also at odds over Tehran’s disputed nuclear activities as well as over policy in Iraq. Iran says its atomic work is peaceful.

Source: AP
(Additional reporting by Zahra Hosseinian in Tehran; Writing by Fredrik Dahl; Editing by William Hardy)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tales of the Prince

So while my son is visiting I have been taking him to work with me for a couple of hours. He gets to work on his journal, work on his activity book and towards the end help me out before I bring him back to the rest and I come back and finish out the night.

He got sick the last few days (ya know he would get sick while he visits me)with his ear infections that has been a problem ever since he was a toddler. Anyway he got real sick, stomach, fever, etc. Yet don't sleep. I have long made sure that I have a good grounding in wholistic health from my own family (home remedies) and my own study. So I settled the stomach with ginger. I soothed the ear with warm olive oil. I brought back up his energy with coconut water. He was better the next day yet not at 100% and anyone who knows the science realizes that as the sun dips in the sky the symptoms get stronger again.

Anyway he traveled wanted to come to work with me today and when he got there he was just too sick to stay. I brought him home. Once I had him settled I was about to go back and that boy started to distill. I mean he REALLY distilled. I was worried that he was in extreme pain. Then he spoke. You know what this boy was crying about? He was upset that he couldn't stay at work with me and help me out. He was worried that I was disappointed in him. Of course I reassured him that I couldn't be. That I was always proud of my son who give it his all.

I realized though it is the same particle that I deal with at times. Due to the circumstances between his mother and I. I deal with the weight of thinking that i have disappointed him yet he constantly reminds me how grateful he is to have me in his life. Damn. Like father like son. Remember. They learn first from you.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wash Wash Wash

Just um...clean your food. That's what this salmonella outbreak is really about. What causes me to chuckle is that some resturaunts have chosen to stop serving tomatoes. What this basically means is that they haven't changed their cleanliness standards. Why the funk would you want to still eat there? Anyway...wash your hands and wash your butt like your mama taught you. Wash your food and keep that kitchen clean yo slob.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

electric car

It is a shame when 'less developed countries' are leaping ahead of the United States in terms of renewable energy sources. The United States, willing to set standards for the world ie. Iraq yet unwilling to set up regulations in its own country. Check out how they are getting down in
Nepal wit the electric car.

Indigo Prince

So, get use to it. I talk about my son alot.

When I worked it the bookstore every parent came in looking for books for their children and always said the phrase "he/she's in 'such and such' grade yet they are smart for their grade or read above grade level". Nobody's baby ever was below grade level.

My son since he entered kindercare had issues in school. It was to the degree that his mother internalized it as her fault and people started 'insinuating' that he was 'touched'. They even wanted to medicate the young star.

I grew up around great teachers (my Old Earth was an elementary school teacher as well as all of my aunts on her side and my father is a minister). The role of a teacher is to provide the proper environment by which a child can develop an Understanding. Due to several factors the majority of teachers in the Western world are only skilled at teaching within a very small parameter.

Now my son is what some new age folk may call an Indigo Child. Now without all of the mumbo jumbo I see that simply as many of our children are 'modern' children. We often see 'external' technologies yet don't pay attention to internal teknowledge. Our children are hit with 1001 new modes on information and stimuli. Some of US as adults don't know how to deal with it and descend into bouts of depression and bi-polarism. I saw from the beginning that he just processed information different the majority of children around him. So my job as a father was to instruct those around him how to best serve him.

It wasn't easy at first. For those that are aware there are several modes of learning from being sensitive to audio stimuli, tactile stimuli, repetitive stimuli, to visual stimuli. I early on found out that I-Victory had a strong tactile stimuli. He responds well to having people touch his shoulder when they are explaining concepts to him, works well with hands on one on one instruction, etc. Its funny because some of his teachers wanted to plus him as A.D.D. or a 'trouble maker' because he 'wasn't paying attention to them'. It was a task explaining to them that HOW they were presenting the data wasn't being received by him. Some REFUSED to think that they needed to change their methods.

I knew the difference in my own household in terms of the learning styles of myself and my siblings. I saw it on how a mother knew how each of her children were different. I was able to develop strategies for him to use in school while going back and forth with his teachers.

One of the things that we did was make learning fun. I mean, when he was learning his numbers and alphabet I taped up the capital/small letters and numbers all around the house and we would run from room to room looking on walls and ceiling with him saying their names. We did morning affirmations. Flash cards became the newest card games. Yet one of the greatest things that I taught him was breathing meditations.

We started with basic yoga and breathing. We started to realize that alot of times he was getting nervous and shutting down so that information couldn't get in. And, yes, his teachers never realized it. By teaching him breathing exercises he became aware when he was going into a negative emotional state. He's able now to recognize it and conquer it. Listen to his speech. He puts things in order. It's just HIS order. He often changes nouns for verbs. 'Grammatically' it may not be 'correct' yet artistically and asiatically it is on point. For him the whole world is dynamic. Everything is in motion. If you ain't working to get in tune with him you'll miss the world from his vantage point. And your life will be that much poorer.

We also meditate in the hood. Yup. We do that. He's excelling in school now by the way. Thanks for asking and listening.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Peace. Told you it was coming. RA*New are repurposed, recycled, remixed items for sell by the God. The first item on this list is the chocolate clutch purse repurposed from a gin carrying case. Rock it and lethe fly girl emerge. $20 + $6 for shipping and handling. Be down.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Micro blogging-I make raw ice cream

Picture of me having a mental battle with a 1/2 durian shell. I'll let you know the outcome. Yet until that time...let it be known...the God can make the ILL raw vegan chocolate durian ice cream. I can't be stopped!

Spraying Fields

Peace. You have to realize that every 'drug' in 'drug wars' have been identified with Original People. The 'drug' becomes a shield by which they can continue to attack Original People under the guise of 'law'. As mentioned in the video tobacco and alcohol and killing millions yet they are 'legal' so it is okay. Who decides they are 'legal'...white america. Environmental Racism is WORLDWIDE. In effect these are declarations of war against Original People. How the funk do you try to justify taking away a peoples FOOD SOURCE. Watch on it...let's add on