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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

T or A?

Mountains or Hills? Tits or Ass? Some got one or the other. Some got both. Some ain't got none. Yet today folks we're going to talk about breasts.

My alike wrote an article in his blog entitled The Earth: Vegetarianism, Breastfeeding, and Original Women's Health

Very informative so peep it.

Also I came across this blog post listed below at another site dedicated to breastfeeding, Beautiful site. Check it out.

This photograph is striking. It shows an African-American mother breastfeeding in 1937 in Greenville, MS. What once was normal in the black community has now shifted to abnormal. We all know breastfeeding rates among black women is the lowest in the country, but it wasn’t always this way. Something happened and I don’t think the shift to bottle-feeding can only be attributed to more mothers working outside of the home, although I’m sure working had a lot to do with it, just not everything. Attitudes changed and now breastfeeding isn’t the first form of infant-feeding with black mothers.

As a black mother I didn’t even consider bottle-feeding, but I’m rare given the numbers. I hope one day I can pinpoint what happened between the early 20th century and today that caused so many black mothers to balk at breastfeeding.

Location: Greenville, MS, US
Date taken: 1937
Photographer: Alfred Eisenstaedt
Time Life Magazine


Serenity Love Divine Earth said...

I have yet to have the priveledge, but from the women who I know who have, I have often asked them why they didn't breast feed longer than until they had to return to work. Their answers were that they perceived breastfeeding as a third world activity. Most claim they didn't have the time. Some were concerned that the shape of the breast would be irervocably changed for the worse. Others wanted the child to quickly sleep through the night. Some thought it was flat out nasty to have that kind of sexual relationship with their child. I heard a friend of mine's mother call her a "Moo Cow" because she, a professional woman, opted to stay home a long time with her child and nurse him until he was two and could ask for it.

I'm just thinking that Black women have been brainwashed is all. By lowering the health standards of our progeny and bleaching the thoughts of the current generation of mothers will impact negatively on our futures.

Thanks for letting me stand on my soapbox for a minute.

PS: I have both!

Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

Give thanks for sharing that. I'll be passing it along on my blog if you don't mind.

It absolutely breaks my heart to see so many mothers of color feeding their babies artificial milk. I do my best whenever I can to dispel myths and to nurse proudly (no covers or going to another room) wherever I am.

Breasts to me represent a duality, a complexity in which there should be no shame. They are sexual but they also nurture and one function doesn't supersede or cancel out the other.

I'm constantly fascinated by a society that behaves prudish at the thought of breastfeeding but doesn't take issue with bikini clad women splayed all over music videos.

Ravynn said...

Peace God.

I'm definitely an advocate of breastfeeding. I would NEVER do formula!!!!!!

and for the record, I have both. lol

C'BS ALife Allah said...

Peace Serenity. I have heard all of the above also. It goes with the whole alienation of ourselves from nature. People buy things in supermarkets and have no ideas what it takes to get to where they are or how much things have been tampered with. It is an extreme form of brainwashing. Imagaine, alienated from one of the functions of your own body?!

And also thanks for the PSA ;-


C'BS ALife Allah said...

Peace Chi-Chi. I see that duality and many times it is mind boggling to see it played out various ways in this society. I am cool with it playing various roles yet it is amazing that the role of nurturing would be shunned. Yet part of that may be in this society that the root of that sexual attraction people don't want to recognize ie flashbacks to theirselves being nurtured.

C'BS ALife Allah said...

Peace Devinequeen,
Formula...i experiment...the phrasing is all there. And what children did they test the 'formula' on before it hit market? No need to guess. Also where do the sell the formula that doesn't meet U.S. standards? No need to guess.

Also thanks for the PSA..ha.


angel said...

I honestly forget sometimes that there are so many people who view the natural as obscene. My son has been here for 28 months, and has had my milk every day of his life. I do have relatives who've basically accused me of engaging in pedophilia, yet find the general concept of a human baby suckling a cow's teat perfectly normal... The reason I forget about their sick perspective is because I value my mental health, and limit my exposure to insanity whenever possible. By the way, I'm the atheist sister who emailed you about your possibly publishing my work. How long does it take you to acknowledge correspondence? Let me guess: 93,000,000 years?

C'BS ALife Allah said...

Peace Angel,
There are many levels of mis-education that still persists and without some kind of support system often it is 'easier' for many to just 'go with the flow'. It's important to realize that revolution is alot more than just an 'armed struggle'. Changing the way we think may be the greatest challenge yet.