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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Food Pyramids

There are not just phenotypical differences between people. There are genotypical differences between people. Many authors have pointed out, especially in the black and brown communities, that people grow in tandem with the food in their areas. So it is natural for the flora in people's bodies to be attuned with their native veggies and fruit stuff. Food IS political also. That is why I mentioned about the 7 warriors. What were your natural foods before colonialism and slavery? Adding them back into your diet is as much a revolutionary statement as changing your name and learning your indigenous history.

While scanning through the net I came upon food pyramids that are ethnic-specific. They are acknowledging that the indigenous foods and needs of people are relevant to their nutrition development.

Yet the gem in my travels is that I finally found a damn Raw Food Pyramid. I've had a Vegan one on tap for a minute yet this raw one..bangin'. Good eatin' y'all

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