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Friday, January 30, 2009

We got superfoods also....

So as an Original raw foodist I have studied (and continue to study many) as I perfect this eating path (especially as it pertains to us topical melanin types). In my journey along this path I have come upon the works of David Wolfe who is basically one of THE raw food 'gurus' out there right now. Having my Supreme Mathematic's filter on always allows me to take the best pat. Being a white raw foodist doesn't absolve you of white privilege. Let me just put that out there. The happy go lucky hippie-esque (damn hippies get a bum rap here all of the time) white liberal stuff doesn't phase me and make me want to run through strawberry fields with ya. Yet if white people choose to use raw foodism as the 'sword above their head' in order to work to manifest civilization so be it.

Yet always remember where this started ie..with Original People. Though I was turned onto David Wolfe first one of the elders in the raw foodist community is an Original Man, Dr. Aris Latham of SunFired Foods. When I get to go to NYC and eat his food it is on! Also, it appears that David Wolfe has some controversy over his first book. It appears that chunks of it were plagiarized from an Original Man from Iran named Arshavir Ter Hovannessian. We know that models of how to eat to live come from Original cultures. So it is no surprise.

This brings me to one of my personal gripes with the raw food 'movement' as it is popularly manifested in a capitalist society. Seeing that I am moving more to the locavore these things have been popping up in my head. Why is it that all of the latest 'superfoods' come from like either the Far East or South America? Under the guise of offering these superfoods to people abroad are white people once again just 'stealing resources'? Why aren't there any Original industries that are benefiting off of this surge in 'superfoods'? Also the 'tone' makes it appear as though that there agree no 'superfoods' anywhere else on the planet. Sounds like someone is writing people out of history again.

In one of my previous blogs I wrote about the lost crops of africa. There is a series of books online where you can find about a whole bunch of vegetation that you ain't ever heard of. Recently I came upon a post by a brother who spoke about the same lack of african superfoods in the current raw food landscape and he referenced those books. Check out his article, those books, and see if you can cop some of those veggies and fruits around your way at an ethnic market.


Anonymous said...

This is a great post. Personally, I never, ever trusted David Wolfe. Something just did not feel or seem right to me about him. I never thought that he so how magically came into this information/knowledge on his own. Call me skeptical, but I did not. It is very disappointing and sickening that the "raw foods" movement is constantly made out to be "white" thing. This seems to be a common theme in my opinion. We are the original people so yes of course they took information from us and now are attempting to profit from it. It has already happened with so many things. Personally, I do not look to "white" people as an example of healthy eating/lifestyle instead it is always to an original culture (African, Asian, and so forth). When there is a lack of culture it has to be taken/stolen from others and passed off as their own. I only wonder though why is it that they are always looking for something/finding themselves among original people/things? They need yoga to get in touch with their inner-self...blah, blah, blah. However, many have this superiority complex at the same time.

C'BS ALife Allah said...

I've been disenchanted by any thread of indigenous knowledge transferred by said folk. If you just browse through the New Age section you will find all of this 'native knowledge' that is being transferred by white folks and it ain't nothing except another manifestation of colonization.

I am hearing your story more and more though of Original People who just were brought up this way without any outside influence because it was just in their family lineage. I think that is a MAJOR story that still needs to be told.