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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Black To Nature...the making of

You wanna know how I came into my Green Gangsta? Go read my article over in the By Seed and Soil section in Original Thought Metazine. Check out the other articles there also to get your body and mental right.


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Swamiji said...

Though the Arabic Ethnic Word 'Hindu' was an attempt to make it a religion during 14th to 16th centuries AD during the Islamic reign in 'BHARAT' for which the Europian Word 'INDIA' is widely dominated all over, for this land's identity related to a border making river called as 'SINDHU' by the people dwelled on this land and had been called as 'AAB E HINDU' by Afghans and Arabs and as 'River Indus' by the Europians. The priestly people (Brahmins or Purohitas) who had been diminished their status from 'Voluntary Teachers of Ethics to all People' finding a religion as a right place for them to rule over the minds and emotions of lay people, the unconscious captives of the religious beliefs may never have the scope to reason out the realities, facts and the Truth Prepetuation. There had been no religion as Hindu Religion before the Muslim Reign. During 7th or 8th Century AD one Cult Leader a Fanatic Brahmin converted himself as a Missionary Brahminism mis-naming himself as 'SAMNYASI' also wrongly added a prefix 'SANATANA' means 'perpetual' with the very old word used by the thinkers there for 'FREETHINKING, RELATIVELY UNIVERSAL HUMAN DUTIES, INNATE NATURE AND HUMAN VALUES' as 'DHARMA' making it 'SANATANA-DHARMA' by making a very absurd meaning as both the connecting words have almost similar meanings; means 'perpetuating' just in an intention to dissociate the BUDDHISTS and the JAINAS from the main stream of the society, who also had been logically establishing their derivations to lead the people to the state of 'DHARMA'; the word established by far more ancient seers of the land as 'Universal Ethics'. So Acharya Shankara with his scholarship in Sanscrit language misused the word 'DHARMA' for a cult and subsequently it was converted to 'HINDU-DHARMA' during the Islamic Reign in 'BHARAT' replacing the meaning of 'DHARMA' as 'Universal Ethics' to 'MAZHAB or Religion'.

So in this way there is no HINDU-Religion or SANATANA-Religion. These two trials don't have any Religious bases; like they don't have a prophet and no message sent by any assumed or imposed supernatural imp for the entire human beings either to accept or to be killed by the believers. The VEDAS are not the messages of any supernatural imp rather the thoughts and derivations of certain Seers who were very polite to declare with a word "NA+ITI=NETI" which mean not ended yet and requires more analysis and development; does not sound as a religious comandment rather a humane and human proposition, admitting all possible corrections in their findings.

The people lived on this land including the Brahmins had never been Vegetarians at their bases. They were hunters and meat eaters even there are tales about their beaf eting.

This uncompassionate way of life was passively and politely opposed by VARDHAMAN MAHAVEERA who afterwards became known as JEENA means the person who has overcome of and have highly efective regulations on his sensory organs and also emotions to reach at a equilibium state of mental judgement, being not or less effected by any type of biases or prejudice. He born about a century before SIDDHARTHA GAUTAMA latterer became known as the BUDDHA means the enlightened one.

So after VARDHAMAN MAHAVEERA the JEENA, many people irrespective of their beliefs, practices or style of worship started becoming VEGETARIANS.

So HINDU as a Rligion is a very new attempt of the diminished status priests called as Brahmans with the help of the Muslim rulers of that time couldn't become that much successful to make a religion yet, but simply tried to adultrate the religious chareceristics of an amount of blind beliefs with the logical character of the "DHARMA".

So VEGETARIANISM is not a HINDU Religious Character rather Ethical valu assessment of the JEENAS the Jains which influenced all others of the land. The Gujrat State was more efected by the JEENA and there after the Sravakas or the dedicated practisers of his path.

Vegetarianism is not religious rather Ethical.

Swami Manavatavadi