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Wednesday, February 13, 2008



While growing up I had asthma. Those around me such as my parents and elders didn't let it stop me from achieving certain goals (I was on the track team all through High School and I got some gold and silver medals y'all). Looking back through the lens of environmental racism I can see how my living environment in the 'hood' may have been a root cause in its development.

One of the things though that enabled me to counter it and be on top of it was red pepper. If you take a little dab of pepper when you are having respiratory problems it will help you out. In terms of asthma it enables blood to rush to your wind pipe (which is constricting). Thus it causes it to open up. Whenever I was having problem breathing I would take a pinch and within a few minutes I would be on the road to recovery (funk an inhaler).

Another thing is that it is a topical agent. That is why it is hot in your food. Pepper spray literally has pepper in it. So seeing that it warms things up another good use for it is in the winter time. Sprinkle a little bit in your socks during the cold weather. It'll keep your toes and feet a little warmer.

Wait a minute. Did you say that you are having a problem with ants in your rest? Take some black pepper and sprinkle it where you see the ants at. They'll scatter. Watch WHERE they are scattering to because that is the entrance. Sprinkle some pepper there. You don't need no raid.

In terms of ants did you know that doctors in ancient Indian used army ant heads to suture up wounds instead of thread? They would have several ants bite the wound to close it and then just leave the head until the whole wound sealed up. That's just one to grow on for ya.

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