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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Inner Scent

It's bitter yet I drink it as a tea often. Why would I drink Fenugreek? It's used as an ingredient in some curries. So what, so why drink it? Well, let's talk body odor. If you leave meat out and rotting then you know the smell. Well, guess why your body stanks so much. It's because you put stuff in it that stinks when it rots. Meat sticks to those intestines and that odor has to get out some way. Now fruits and veggies pass right on through that system. Plus they don't stink that much when they rot.

Now the reason that i drink Fenugreek tea is because it put a scent of maple or curry like smell in your urine and sweat. That's how I rock my scent.

So lets review

*fast, get the meat gunk out of your body
*switch to a plant centered diet
*drink Fenugreek
*smell good so that the women will say damn

End notes


Anonymous said...

i never considered this. thanks for the info.

C'BS ALife Allah said...

The way that I REALLY noticed it was when I traveled abroad and realized that in different countries people smelled different. I realized that it was basically diet