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Monday, February 11, 2008

The Itus

Amongst Black folk we call it the 'itus' or 'nigga-itus'. It's when after you eat a huge meal that you want to just lie down and go to sleep. It is the physical manifestation of that sin of sloth and gluttony.

Now the fundamental purpose of food is to provide energy and fuel to the body. Can you imagine filling up the tank of your car and it not starting? That doesn't make any sense. When you eat you are supposed to be energized.

When you are eating the wrong foods your body actually has to use more energy to digest it. Thus the net result is that your body shuts down to digest the food and in the end you don't even get that much energy since most was used for that digestion. When you eat live foods then they are more easily digested by the body and you can get that energy (and funk those energy drinks that are literally liquid crack...get you on a sugar high and then drop you below the level of energy that you started out with).

This is one way to detect if you are eating the right foods (most of the ways that I will drop have to do with simple observation of your body over a period of time..what about that). If you are getting mad tired after you eat a meal...check your live-it (funk die-t).

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