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Thursday, February 28, 2008

We can do it our selves.

Part of my platform is that Original People can solve their own problems if they were just left the hell alone. They don't need 'western tree hugging liberal granola breath hippie rejects' to come and save them and conveniently leave out the elements of racism, colonialism, imperialism, etc.
What is also not acknowledged by the 'green movement media' at large is that alot of Original People have indigenous environmental tactics and programs that are rooted in their own traditions AND they are innovating new ones in the present day.

For instance in Azania (that's modern day South Africa for all of you indigenous illiterate folks)you have Abalimi which is an Urban Action and Environmental Organization doing it's thing. Their work has produced the Women of Fezeka Community Garden. This is an inner city garden run by grandmothers. They are doing their thing! Check them out.

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