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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fruits, Vegetables, Grains and the Original Family

First off if you read my blog and you ain't got a spot on SoulVegFolk ya playing yourself. We definitely getting our Builds on and networking on. (To my Soul Veg NYC folk I'm coming...ha). Come be down. Ya know ya wanna be.

Now. For you edumacational folk I got treats...word.

The first link is from Sunshine the Dreadlock Nomad. Oh yeah..check it, Nutritional Anthropology.

Now, sit down, the second one...take your time and READ and let's Build. It reinforces my stance that we have resources of our own that we don't even know about. Yet just like they went and raped the part of Asia called Africa of gold, diamonds and oil if they find out about 'this' they'll take that too. We have to realize that we have the means to feed ourself. This applies to this information that i am about to drop (calm down) and in general what is in our own communities. The trader has us thinking that there is more gold in another country. Our own country is when we are in tune with ourself. That's why I"m Asiatic. As I At I C. Many of us cannot C the resources in ourself or our community. Thus another 'man' takes us out of that state of being and exploits the resources that we are too blind to see.

Lost Crops of Africa: Grains, Fruits, and Vegetables. This one is for you ChelB.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! ;) Thanks for mentioning me in your blog. Yes, I stumbled upon The Lost Crops of Africa books and I can't enough of them. I plan on actually buying them because there's so much useful information there for us African and Southeast Asian folks too! It is some really powerful information. My own blog will be changing (title/information) wise in the upcoming weeks because of what I've learned. It's all about us original folks...that's for sure! :)