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Friday, May 23, 2008

Oprah's vegan fast

My alike Sha-King posted a blog in his Right Foods blog (check the right margin dun) about Obama declaring himself a vegan. It was an article that pointed out that he basically should've waited until after the election. It now makes him look a little 'weird' (listen race is ENOUGH of a weight) plus remember that the dairy and meat mafia carry weight in elections in terms of the money they throw around. I commend him though for using health and eco-consciousness as his reasons vs the hug the animals/bestiality focus of groups like PETA (yeah I said it and I will KEEP saying it f*ck them. You did a whole campaign comparing slavery to the treatment of animals....WTF do you know about slavery REALLY. In fact PETA want to separate yourself from the fact that it was YOUR ancestors who were involved in it. Don't get me started).

Now we have Oprah coming along taking a 'vegan fast pledge'. WTF? Any TRUE fast would be 'vegan'. He reasons are 'spiritual' (can we use a more ambigious term). I ain't knocking her (oh f*ck it, yes I am). First off how you going to do a vegan fast because of 'cruelty to animals' and then go back to your normal eating patterns after 7 days. "Uh...I ain't going to kill animals for 7 days then I'm going to be up on it again". Second of all, I use to work in the book retail business. I got frustrated when Oprah had her book club. People started coming in for the 'book of the week' without even knowing the title or author. They just wanted 'the Oprah book' because she said so. They actually got mad at us if we didn't know what it was. You mean to tell me that you sat on your fat ass for a whole show and didn't write down the book? Or you can't even remember it? You're dumb. Oprah has gone through so many yo yo diets, surgeries, etc. She IS NOT a good look in terms of modeling one's emotional or physical health after.

I may have been with her if her platform wasn't ruled by 'spirituality' and an undercurrent of weight loss. I roll with people like Dick Gregory (the Original Green Gangsta) who understands how this impacts Original People and is involved with Environmental Justice/Racism.

With all of that being said notice how the Peta-crew is all ready taking her as their next 'saint'.


valentine said...

You damn skippy! These people (meaning: Oprah followers and PETA heads) are idiots. They're promoting Oprah while she'll be rocking her leather shoes and clothes made by little children in china for 2 cent an hour. Somehow, the animals lives are way more important than the children in the sweat shops. We wouldn't have a war if there dogs were fighting. Shows you the value of a human life as apposed to an animals. I guess the greater majority of PETA members evolved from the Ape. Therefore, they feel a strong connection to the animal kingdom. LOL!!! You know what I'm talking about. LOL!!!( That was probably ignorant and offensive but, Oh well.)

C'BS ALife Allah said...

Hella funny yet true. "The OPRAH has spoken". On the real. And I know I keep saying it yet...that whole over the top caring for animals that Peta be on is some bestiality porkshit. Stop kissing your dog on the lips!

Brother OMi said...

didn't know Obama was vegan.

but you know what? we complain about how people like Obama and Oprah should go vegan . then when they do, we question their motives

I am glad they went that route. we can convince more people if we point out who is vegan. it sux but hey we are in the business of saving lives.

brandyrashell said...

lol. I was just thinking that: Oprah has the power to influence a mass group of women worldwide. Her motives: weight control and to reset cravings. Let's just call it what it is. I find it fascinating how she can take what's a lifestyle to many and turn it into a trend. The reality is that Oprah doesn't cook/prepare any of her vegan meals. All she does is just show up at the table and then rave about how amazed she is at the many varieties of tasty meatless dishes. How about you bring it to the full time working mom, who's actually doing the cooking herself. Huhhh? Or in my case, I hate cooking, I can't stand it. Anything, that can be done in less time, and not much prep, that's my kinda cookin.