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Friday, May 2, 2008

Just to let you know

I know some raw foodist who are self centered and think only of their selves. I know some vegans who will hug a tree yet will pass a child in the ghetto without giving them a ounce of compassion. Let me dispel the myth that changing your diet will automatically change your persona. Hitler was a vegetarian. Conscious means that you are aware. All consciousness needs an adjective in front of it. That's why the term 'conscious rapper' is an oxymoron. A 'gangsta' rapper is conscious about his environment and surroundings. If you want to be righteous not eating meat will not automatically make you so. You have to consciously embark on that journey. And by the way, changing your eating habits does not make you better then anyone though you may be better off then them.

I mentioned before there are some terms that I just don't like using and as of this moment I am getting rid of one. Vegan. My main reason is that it is 'animal-centric'. The overall push is for compassion for animals vs. people. Also, there are indigenous concepts and realities that predate it's 'conception' in 1944. Finally, I have too often experienced a Eurocentric-racist twist to veganism that I am not comfortable with. So yes, the name of the blog is going to change slightly.

I also made Knowledge Born about that I was going to start a list of terminology for folks. Well. Here it is.

Plant Centered Diet: Where vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, beans, etc are the central focal point of one's diet. So called 'vegetarians' who eat dairy and/or fish/fowl may fall into this category.

Pure Vegetarian:
A 'so called vegan' who doesn't consume animal products. They do not necessarily carry the philosophy of 'veganism'

Green Gangsta: One who is concerned with bringing eco-consciousness to the urban community in a manner in which Original people can digest it and not be put off by it. Also concerned with selecting appropriate green and fresh technologies.

More definitions will come.

Also, a couple of Queens have been getting on me about being stingy so I'll drop more recipes.

This is a quick morning drink/shot that I take often. The morning time is when your body is involved in elimination. I've mentioned before that I like OJ because..well. I just do. Citrus fruits are good for oxygenating the blood and cleaning out stuff like mucus. So sometimes what I also take is a shot of what I call my 'sun shot' also. It's simple. Squeeze one lime and one lemon. Mix in some water and grated ginger. It gives you dragon's heart or rather your blood and heart will be stimulated. It's tart, sour and bitter. So if you want to sweeten it up add a little agave nectar, date sugar or maple syrup. I like it straight and raw.


Sha-King Cehum said...

Peace God,
I agree. Me and Majestic discussed this awhile ago. That's why I mentioned in the "about me" section on soulveg that I prefer the term "plant-based diet"...I use "vegan" like I use "puerto-rican"...for those who have no reference point for anything...

And again a wonderful add on. Hitler was a vegetarian, Lenin, Manuel Noriega....I could go on...and people think just cause I don't eat meat that I'm all passive, tree huggin', super positive.....I'm probably the most aggressive and violent prone- (for lack of better terms)non-meat eater I or anyone else that whole meat eater will break a vegetarian in half stuff...for the birds...

so many the home I use "right foods" and "ital"....


Anonymous said...

This is an excellent post! : ) I also don't care for the term "vegan" either. I prefer telling people that my diet/eating habits works for me. I see that you've changed the name of your blog. I've never dealt well with labels. From what I understand they are used by people as a way for them try to comprehend something.

B! said...

Interesting points. I try to steer clear of labels because they tend to be far too restrictive. We are exceptional people, it's hard to ever sum anyone up in a word.

Anyway, got here through SoulVegFolk, loving all the knowledge on your blog. And that 2000BC-2000AD timeline... so true! I love it!

C'BS ALife Allah said...

I am all about post-colonial redefinition. I'm drawing up a lot from interacting with the folks at soulvegfolk on the real.

Anonymous said...


i don't have a problem with the term "vegan". i use it because it helps others understand why i decline the chicken wings and blue cheese dressing offered at certain gatherings. lol

it's unfortunate that the term appears to have been sullied by certain folks and their actions. but for my usage, it's just a term that offers clarity.

i *am* feeling the term "plant-based" though...maybe it'll be an option on soulvegfolk