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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Raising the Rod and Burning Bush Tea

Peace,For those of my tree in the Nation we Raise the Rod in the month of May. This month I am raising the rod on several different particles that I am just keeping to myself at this time yet the focus is on.

In order to keep my word on something I dropped back here is my 'treat' for all the 420 heads. My 'Burning Bush Tea'.

*base tea (I use a black or red tea)
*Agave Nectar.

Use a juicer or rock it old fashion and get the juice from the fruit.
Now with Everclear stick some buds u in there. You have to let it steep in the dark for several weeks. I usually do it for a month at least.

Get that tea ready.

Rub a thin layer of agave nectar around the inside of the lip of the cup.

Pour in that juice and put a shot of the 'green nectar' in there. And if you're really feeling it...light it on fire for a brief sec.


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