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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No cow pus please punk I puke phunk you

Peace (or Peas...get the inside joke). My righteous sister I Medina Peaceful Earth recently wrote an article dealing with fasting from dairy. I remember that phase for me. I had a conversation with another one of my friends about cheese over all in European cuisine. Yo...they had no flavor. I mean their food (or did I mean that). If you talk to an Indian they got the curry, Jamaicans got jerk, so called African Americans got hot sauce (yes I do spritz it on my garden salads). Europe had nutin'. This is why on those Silk Road Adventures they brought back MAD SPICE. So in the absence of spices what does a dairy rich, spice poor culture do? They use cheese to cover up everything and this found its way to American cuisine.

That's why its important to learn how to use spices. Get that right folks. There are hundreds of them. I knew alot from my own experience with my Old Earth getting down in the kitchen. I had a Taina Earth for a minute so from that tradition I learned about some more. Finally I got hella Desi friends so again I got some more. And Jamaican folk be all around. I am still learning.

Alot of nuts and seeds can be used to make substitutes that are kinda ill. I've passed the soy phase.

So yes there are historical reasons why freaking dairy is a part of the diet of Original People who on the whole are lactose's called slavery, colonialism, and imperialism.

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