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Friday, May 9, 2008

In da Rain...

Peace. Yesterday was mad productive (it was Build/Destroy what did ya think). I just finished driving in rain listening to Sade crushed with Blue Note breaks. Vegging out at Catch a Healthy habit while contemplating world domination. Still thinking about remixing the title of the blog cause even though I am raw foodist I wanna let the poor part of the planet knowledge that I ain't no snob and that every stage is to be valued in a cycle. Also, know and understand that the Nation's (that's us 5% y'all) dietary law isn't 'raw foodist' though it has elements in its foundation that point toward a vegetarian diet being best. For the low down (or high up) on the Nation' diet check out my righteous brother's musing on the subject.

The basics of our diet deals with getting rid of those scavengers out of your diet even if you eat meat. Pork (which was grafted/domesticated to digest waste and a while I'll publish my own research on that) is just the most well known of the scavengers. Basically we're talking bout racoon, possum, clams, lobster, oysters, mussels, etc.

When I first got knowledge of self I use to slap pork out of people's hands and dare them to touch my food (maybe this is why my son I-Victory and his partner the young moon Adon use to do the same in their own Kindergarten classes to their classmates.)

While driving past a random park in New Heaven I looked over to see two huge wild turkeys??!!! WTF...ha.

Also. I like to shout out my peoples when they are blowing the kcuf up (as to why I spell it backwards if you remember THIS SONG you're cool...check out Grand Puba's verse). I still have to make sure that my margin joint are up to date.

First my home-slice ChelB (why didn't I know that you had those blogs..arghh).

Vegan and Grain Free Brown Wife

Food Combining to Fight Fibroid Tumors

Get edumacated!

Also Sunshine got her deserts going on. Vegetarian, Vegan and I see some raw joints on the horizon...say word (word).

Rise and Shine Deserts

Speaking of Deserts. Take some dehydrated cherries, lightly glaze them with raw agave nectar and sprinkle them with cacao powder. The God don't play.

Also in the next couple of weeks I will tell you about my quest to manufacture the perfect raw peach cobbler. (When people ask me what I miss most due to my new diet it ain't never bacon or chicken or cheese...its those damn memories of my Old Earth's Peace Cobbler).

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Ken said...

I have listened to several of the musical selections on your blog. I absolutely love the message but I can't stand the Rap & HipHop. the music is marketing, the message is truth. Coltrane is Sublime. Get this, Liberty is literally equivalent to the freehold of LAND. Land is from which the raw food comes.